As bloggers, we all wish to build successful and traffic driven blogs using all platforms available, but most bloggers fail to realize the power of social networks. Today, i’ll guide you through how you can optimize your Twitter account in order to drive huge traffic back to your blog.

twitter traffic tips

Optimizing and using twitter effectively to drive traffic tends to be a problem for most bloggers, especially those who do  not really understand the social network, but i’ll be listing and explaining 5 great tips you probably might have heard of  but haven’t put into practice that can change your blog’s traffic status.

5 Tips To Gain Traffic To Your Blog Using Twitter

1. Choosing Your Handle or Username

This is the initial aspect you need to setup on your twitter account and here is where most bloggers fail. Your username is to explain to people what your business is all about.

For instance, if you run an SEO blog, lets say with domain name ““, you can get a twitter user name such as “seomoneytalk“.

Anyone who comes across the handle would definitely know what your blog is all about. From this handle, it is obvious to be and SEO and Make Money tips blog. There are cases where you can also use your personal name for your handle. This is up to you. You can find me on Twitter @oscarfranky.

2. Your Connections Should Be with Niche Related People

We all know that social networks are meant for people to connect with each other, try as much as possible to connect with other people and bloggers,especially those who have a mutual interest with you.

Find bloggers in your Niche who have a large followership and Follow them, also ask them to follow you back. Try to Retweet their  updates, it can get their attention. They can visit your profile, which leads them to your blog from your bio or they can even Retweet your status update to their followers and you know what effect that can have on your blog traffic.

3. Make Use Of Hash # Tags

The use of Hash # tags on twitter can never be overemphasized. It really helps in turning in lots of traffic and followers. But before I continue, do you know what the hash # tag does and is all about?

using twitter hash tags

The Twitter hash tag is used to link keywords to a search result page. If you add the # symbol to any keyword on your twitter update, it links the keyword to a search result page of all other people who have made use of the keyword on their updates. Now let me show you how you can maximize this tool.

Whenever you post a link to your blog on your tweets, try to # tag a keyword you know people search, now this would make your tweet visible to people who make a search with the keyword or clicked on some other persons hash tag of that same keyword.

Most people would probably click through your link if you have a catchy title in your tweet. The hash tag works efficiently for my traffic on twitter. You really need to try it out immediately.

4. Update and Tweet Useful Contents Only

If you want to retain your followers, always update useful contents to them. That is the reason I gave the second point as to follow people in your Niche with related interest.

It is only people with mutual interest that would find your Niche and Tweets interesting. Try as much as possible to update only status that is related your area, and forget about the rest.

5. Use Catchy and Powerful Headline Titles

As I earlier said in the usage of hash # tag, it is only catchy headlines that would attract people to click through your blog link in a search result on twitter. Try as much as you can to be creative in writing meaningful and must click headlines.

This might be difficult at first, but with time you would find yourself writing amazing titles.

Now, Your Turn

If you really want to drive traffic to your blog using twitter, then you definitely have to put these basic five points into practice. They work amazingly for me, and I guess with time, they would work for you also.

What are your other views? We’ll be glad to know, tell us using the comment box below.


  1. Hmmm,what can i say,good points though,but despite meetingt all these requirement,i haqrdly even get a single hit from twitter per day,what could be the problem Oscar?

    • Hi Ebima!
      I guess you haven’t been doing something right. These same tips work for me. Try retweeting other bloggers tweets, you’l get noticed, also make use of the hash tags effective. And most of all, tweet catchy headlines. You sure would get a cool result in no time if implemented rightly.
      Thanks for finding time to leave a comment.

  2. Nice 1 @ oscar………. I will do it rigth away……….oscar can you help me setup a new blog with theme like urs…? Pls reply

  3. Oh yea , nice point oscar…..i wanna introduce a new plugin to you guys that u can use to get tons of traffic on twitter… “Tweet Old Post Plugin” …once this plugin is actived on your blog , it automatically published your blog’s old post on twitter every hour (depending On how you set it) …You dont need to stress yourself , just install it and it automatically posts for you on twitter account…its really cool..ive used it for just 2days now and my traffic has increased tremendously…you 2 can try it

  4. You have listed some great ways to get visitors. Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed reading this post.

  5. Yhh…cool….why is it that if someone comments on your a post , the comment contains a link to the last blog post of the person commenting….i guess they use it to get traffic to their blog but whenever i comment on your blog or any other blog , the link dosent show???

  6. Thanks for sharing! Before I just focus on facebook but now I get know that twitter also a big traffic and thank make more sense about how to attract twitter traffic

  7. Great points you listed bro… Thanks for revealing the use of the # hash tag, av been on twitter for some years now and I never knew of these # hash tag can be a good source of increasing once traffic and followers… Thanks for sharing.


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