Amazon echo refers to a set of smart speakers manufactured by Amazon. They are actually one of the first companies to make smart speakers as home gadgets very popular.
Like all smart speakers, the Amazon echo is made of a speaker, a lot of mics for voice recognition and also a software that gives it 80 percent of its functionality.

Amazon echo

Being a gadget born of technology, the Amazon echo is prone to a lot of updates, for added functionality and fixing of bugs.
The Amazon echo was designed to automatically update itself when updates are available. But in a situation where the Amazon echo is unable to update itself, a problem arises and you are set back.

This article contains comprehensive tutorials on how to manually update your Amazon echo, in case your Amazon echo fails to automatically update its self.

How To Update Amazon Echo

Updating the Amazon echo is actually a very easy thing, it involves few steps that are not in anyway difficult to comprehend or tedious.
The steps are as follows:

1. Connect your Amazon echo to a functioning WiFi system

2. Press and hold the mute button, until the LED light around the mute button turns red, which indicates the Amazon echo has been muted.

3. At this point, Amazon echo will automatically search for updates and if there is any, Amazon echo will automatically update itself.
After which it will restart to install the updates made.

These steps are really as easy as mentioned, Amazon designed the whole process to be this easy and eliminated any form of ambiguity from the process.

If you would like to ascertain if the Amazon echo you are using, is up to date, without going through the process above, there is actually a procedure for that.

How To Check If Your Amazing Echo is Up To Date

1. Log on to

2. Tap on the menu, indicated by three horizontal lines and select Alexa devices.

3. Tap on echo and scroll down to the about section. You will be able to see the software version for your Amazon echo

4. Once you have gotten the software version of your Amazon echo, you can go ahead to compare it with the latest software version available to Amazon echo.

There you have it. A simple yet comprehensive step by step guide to check and update you Amazon Echo devices all by yourself. Feel free to let us know if the steps worked for you.


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