We had actually written a post where we listed out all spectranet data plans, but today when I was about renewing my data using Quickteller, it was unsuccessful and therefore made me take a stroll to one of their offices here in Abuja.

spectranet data plans and pricesOn getting to the place, I was welcomed with a new price plan list and guess what, the new spectranet plans are really cheap compared to their former plans and other service providers in Nigeria.

Enough of the whole talks. Below is a complete updated list of all Spectranet 4G LTE Data Plans made available here in Nigeria

Spectranet Night Plans

The night plans are quite affordable and great for people who are willing to sacrifice their nights for cheap internet surfing.

Plan NameTimeDL SpeedValidity Data Volume Price 
Knight 5000*6pm to 8amUp to 2MBps30 Days20GBN5000
Knight 7000*6pm to 8amUp to 2MBps30 Days40GBN7000
Knight 9500*5pm to 9amUp to 2MBps30 Days55GBN9500
Knight Cine 5000*10pm to 8amUp to 2MBps30 Days40GBN5000
Knight Cine 6000*10pm to 8amUp to 2MBps30 Days50GBN6500

NOTE: The Spectranet LTE Nite Plans work 24×7 during weekends and other public holidays.

LTE 24×7 Plans

These are basic plans you might want to consider for your personal use. They work 24×7 all through the month.

Plan NameTimeDL SpeedValidity Data Volume Price 
Excess Neo 500024×7Up to 2MBps30 Days5GBN5000
Excess Value 700024×7Up to 2MBps30 Days10GBN7000
Excess Value 850024×7Up to 2MBps30 Days20GBN8500
Excess Value 950024×7Up to 2MBps30 Days25GB9500
Excess Smart 1450024×7Up to 2MBps30 Days40GBN14500
Excess Smart 1750024×7Up to 2MBps30 Days50GBN17500
Excess Smart 2350024×7Up to 2MBps30 Days70GBN23500

LTE Business Plans

I guess this would serve mini firms who make use of the internet.

Plan NameTimeDL SpeedValidity Data Volume Price 
Excess Premium24×7Up to 2MBps30 Days120GBN54000


Spectranet Top Up

There can be situations where you use up your data plan before the validity period comes to an end, never worry as spectranet makes it easy to top up your data bundle for N1000 only.

Plan NameValidity Data Volume Price 
Easy Top-UpTill Expiry Date Of Your Primary Plan1GBN1000

These are the best data bundle plans around as compared to our major telecom networks in Nigeria. I really enjoyed my day out at their office.

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  1. this is a welcome development seeing that internet bundle is becoming cheaper, and this could be very helpful for heavy internet user,oga oscar pls can your list the cities that spectranet are currently,i pry the are kaduna mubarak recently post How to known if your computer is infected with spyware

  2. Oscar, please do you know the areas spectranet covers here in Abuja? someone told me that there network did not covered everywhere.


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