In a bid to bring Xbox closer to the Windows 10 platform, Microsoft keyboard and mouse can now be used as controllers on windows 10.

Games can be played on the Xbox gaming console using a mouse and keyboard. PC gamers who prefer using a keyboard for gaming will have a feeling similar to what they are used to on gaming PCs, using a keyboard as the gaming console.

Xbox and keyboard

Apart from just being used as game controllers for the Xbox console, keyboard and mouse connected to Xbox gaming consoles can be used to chat, when making live game streams. The whole stuff sounds exciting, but there are some things you need to set in place before you can actually jump into using a keyboard and mouse as a controller for the Xbox controller.

Using a Keyboard and Mouse on XBOX One

Before you can use a keyboard and mouse on your Xbox, Xbox will need to interpret the keyboard and mouse as the controller it’s used to. This interpretation is made possible by the use of third-party devices. The Xim apex is a perfect example of such devices that make this interpretation possible. The steps to making the necessary connections with the Xim apex are listed below.


1. visit on your PC to download the firmware tool and Apex manager apps for windows

2. Open the firmware tool

3. Press the Xim apex button and connect it to your PC via USB port

4. Release the button when the light turns blue

5. Click update firmware, to flash the latest version to your apex

Connecting  Xim Apex  to Xbox Console


  1. Connect Xim Apex dongle to Xbox console via USB port

2. Connect Xim Apex hub to Apex dongle

3. Connect keyboard and mouse to Apex hub

4. Connect Xbox controller to Apex hub with micro USB cable

Lights on the Apex hub will turn green, immediately the connection is successful.

Want to start using your keyboard and mouse as controllers for your Xbox console, just follow the steps listed above and you will be able to.

And there you have it. The quickest guide to using a keyboard and mouse for your Xbox controller. Hope you did love this article, feel free to share it if you did.


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