Over the years, Apple iPads have tremendously improved, owing to the regular update apple gives them yearly. Being a very key feature of the iPad, Apples’ native stylus (Apple pencil)  has also improved tremendously. With a lot of improvements and software, which has been a regular occurrence, since Apple released the second edition of iPads with Apple pencil support.

Being an essential peripheral for the iPad, Apple pencils help users make use of the iPad the way it was meant to use. The Apple pencil allows users to draw or write on the clean slate offered to you. The features of the Apple pencil has drawn a lot of graphic designs, mostly illustrators away from their laptops to iPad with a large screen.

Part of what makes the Apple pencil practical in the real world is the update they have. Apple releases upgrades of Apple pencil every year. These upgrades usually come with new and exciting features.

This year Apple has once again released a new pencil alongside the new 2018 iPad 12.9. the new Apple pencil shows the greatest upgrade that has been featured on Apple pencils, in past years. It very easy to spot the differences between older iPad pencils and the new 2018 iPad pencil.

The easiest difference to spot is the way the new 2018 Apple pencil is charged. Instead of a lightning port, the new apple pencil charges with USB type c. Also, the new Apple pencil’s can be charged by placing the Apple pencil on side of the new iPad 12.9. The new Apple pencil connects to the 2018 iPad pro with magnets.

Apple pencil

apple pencil


Owing to the fact that the price of the Apple pencil is meager when compared to iPads, iPad owners usually purchase newer Apple pencils for their old iPads, to have the new Apple pencil functionality for their older iPads. This has gone on for years, but this year, things are different.  If you desire to learn how to make the new Apple pencil work for older iPads, this article is for you.

How Do I Use the New Apple Pencil on My Old iPad Pros

In past years, iPad owners users usually purchased new Apple pencils as soon as they are released, after which they start using them on their older iPads, owing to the fact that they have support for previously manufactured iPads. The new charging mechanism of the Apple pencils manufactured in 2018 has destroyed the trend. The new Apple pencil doesn’t have support for older iPads and older Apple pencils are not supported by the new iPad 12.9 2018.

This is for a very obvious reason. The new Apple pencil 2018 supports only USB type c port, while older iPads feature lighting ports. Also, older iPads do not have the ability to charge Apple pencils from the side just like the new iPad 12.9 does, so charging the new Apple pencil cannot be charged with older iPads. Hence New Apple pencil doesn’t have support for older iPads, because you won’t be able to charge them.


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