Few days back from time of this post, every Nigerian internet marketer would kill to have a Paypal account so as to easily run their online businesses but that wasn’t possible as a result of Nigeria not listed in their supported countries, though there are several ways to bypass their restriction and create a Paypal account in unsupported countries, it still wasn’t easy managing such accounts.

The good news all came up when Rupert Keeley, the executive in charge of the EMEA region of PayPal, the payments unit of eBay Inc, said in an interview on Monday (16th June, 2014) that 10 new countries were going to make their list of which Nigeria was included.

paypal now in Nigeria

Paypal has been the world’s major means of Payment on the web, and bringing their services to Nigeria is one welcome development we have always been praying for. Though for now, Paypal has not enabled peer-to-peer transactions in Nigeria, you can only make purchases and not receive payments with your Nigerian Paypal account.

How To Signup A Nigerian IP Based Paypal Account

Here is a beginners guide to signing up a paypal account from Nigeria.

1. Visit Paypal Nigerian homepage via https://www.paypal.com/ng/ and click on Signup at the top right corner of the page.

2. Click on “Open Account” under the “individual” section for a personal account.

3. Fill in all details and click on “Agree and Create Account“.

Getting Verified Using GT Bank’s Naira MasterCard

Without verifying your paypal account, you would be placed at a $250 limit. Verifying your paypal account lets you spend as much as you will.

4. A new page would come up with a form to log in your Card details. I used my GT Bank’s Naira MasterCard to get mine verified.

5. You’ll be redirected to your account’s dashboard. But there are few things you still need to do. Firstly, you have to activate your paypal account by clicking the activation link sent to the mail you registered the account with. Secondly, you need to link and confirm your credit or debit card. Click on “Link and confirm credit or debit card” or “Get Verified” link in your account’s dashboard, insert your GTB Mastercard details here again, then click on “Continue“. You can make use of any Nigerian bank’s Visa or MasterCard.

6. Paypal would deduct $1.95 from your card which they’ll refund in 24hrs. Now, your bank will alert you via SMS or email with a code which you’ll use in completing the whole verification process.

Your bank’s SMS alert should read.

The Naira equibvalent of USD1.95 has been authorized for the transaction done on PP*0123CODE 0123456789FF

What you need do is copy the 4 digits before CODE (highlighted in red) from your mail or SMS alert. That’s what you need to confirm your card.

7. You now have to login once more to your Nigerian Paypal account and click on “Confirm Card” link which should appear on the right sidebar of your dashboard. Then type in the four-digits you copied from your bank alert and click on “Confirm Card” as shown below.

verify your card

8. You’ll get a success popup if everything was fine and successful.

mastercard confirmed

Here is a screenshot of my Nigerian verified Paypal account.

my Nigerian paypal account

And that’s how easy it is to signup a Nigerian Paypal account and get verified using any debit or credit card. Remember, I made use of my GTBank MasterCard here and it did work for me.

FAQ about Nigerian Based Paypal Accounts

Ques: Does Paypal only support the GTB Naira MasterCard In Nigeria?
Ans: No, people also making use of UBA, Zenith, Access and some others bank’s credit cards have been verified using same procedures in this tutorial.

Ques: What Credit Card Types are accepted by Paypal?
Ans: Paypal supports Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Debit or Credit Cards

Ques: How Do I Fund My Nigerian Paypal account to make online purchases?
Ans: You don’t have to worry about funding your paypal, whenever you make an online purchase, your linked credit/debit card would be charged.

Ques: Can I make Transfers to other Paypal Accounts?
Ans: No, for now Paypal has not enabled peer-to-peer transactions in Nigeria.

Ques: Do I need a token device before I can get Verified?
Ans: No, that isn’t necessary

Ques: Can I add My Bank Account to Nigerian Paypal like I did in my US Paypal?
Ans: No, PayPal doesnโ€™t offer this feature at this time for Nigerians.

Ques: Can I add more than 1 Debit/Credit Card to my Paypal account?
Ans: Yes

Ques: Can I purchase services from sites like Fiverr, Addynamo, Amazon with a Nigerian Paypal?
Ans: Yes, it works on all sites that accept Paypal payments.

Now, I’ll be glad to know which card you used in verifying your Nigerian Paypal account. Share your thoughts using the comment section below, and please do not forget to share this post with your friends. They might find it useful. Cheers!



  1. Wow,
    This is great news for we Nigerians who have been in search of the best alternatives to Paypal for our online transactions. I’m glad they are finally here. I’ll have to go signup an account immediately. Thanks Oscar for the insightful share.

  2. A perfect beginners guide to setting up a paypal account in Nigeria. I saw the news on Tuesday, and I was really happy. I hope they’ll soon open up other paypal features to us. Thanks for this How To Post

  3. It was a relief when i first heard about the good news, i cnt believe paypal can be available for Nigerian though there are some certain limitation which i believe will soon be raise, still is a great development. Nt long ago i got my paypal acct banned due to a silly ip mistake, now i dnt have to worry abt ip issh again.

  4. Dear my 3rd best blogger, Oscar, i am having problem verifying my paypal account with firstbank naira mastercard. What should i do next?

  5. I used Stanbic IBTC Bank Naira Master Card and it worked very fine. Only there was a long delay in sending the code. Ecobank Visa Card also works very fine

      • Pls, can I use my paypal account Immediately I verified it or It will take some hours before l can use it because I have been trying to use my paypal after 8hours I opened it but it was not accepted by the seller.

  6. Hello oscar, thanks, actually i havent try that but i will soon, before i do., i need to know some certain things, can i send money from other country paypal user to mine in nigeria and how much is it limited to recieve?

  7. The bank that issued your card didn’t approve this transaction. Please contact the card issuer.s customer service department if you have any questions. Or you can add a different card now to continue. this is the massage from paypal

  8. I want to say a very big thank you to you for this insightful post.
    I have a little problem. I opened a paypal account and verified it with my naira master card like you said, but i was debited $1.95 twice. i.e they removed $1.95 from my back account the day i verified it and the next day they also removed another
    $1.95 .
    I dont understand why? Did yours happen like that?

  9. Pls, can I use my paypal account Immediately I verified it or It will take some hours before l can use it because I have been trying to use my paypal after 8hours I opened it but it was not accepted by the seller.

  10. I have. Been having issues paying with my verified Nigerian paypal account due to address, I have a USA account I used for my ebay, but seems paypal recomends. Merchants shipping to paypal address, which in my case is a Nigerian address. So I can I get my purchases shiped to my USA address.

  11. I basicaly created my paypal a/c over 6-months”ago, but it had’nt been linked to a Nigerian Bank-Verification which ve denied every operation atempted,” Does firstbank nig Supports Paypal transaction’?
    and what Other alternative accesible paypal gateway can i been an Online bussines Client adopt regardin been in NIGERIA.

  12. Please i tried verifying it with my firstbank mastercard, but it denied me saying, the bank doesnt support paypal transaction, how do i do this

  13. this is the message i keep getting each time i tries to link my gtb master card and diamond visa card “We were unable to verify this card. Please review and make sure that the information you entered is correct. Your card billing address needs to match your PayPal street address.” can you help tell what they meant by card billing address please?

  14. U’re the boss, thanks for the useful information/update. I hope this country can be like every other countries in the nearest future. Thumps up!

  15. hi oscar am having a little problem wit making some transfer to my paypal account.my paypal account has been verified wit my gt master card but i still find it challenging in making transfers to my paypal account.i actually dont know what the promblem is.pls kindly help out men.thxn

  16. pls, what is the difference between Nigeria PayPal and America PayPal. And how can I link my PayPal account with my online transaction.

    • Nigerian Paypal doesn’t accept payment while the other does. Thus, linking a Paypal for transactions that receive payment isn’t currently possible with a Nigerian Paypal account.

  17. hello cool post and very useful, so now how will i fund th paypal account from my account cos i just added the card and it worked

  18. Wow! this is a good news indeed…. I mean they allowing us pay for services online at this time, may be soon they’d also allow us get paid online through paypal. thanks oscar for this post

  19. You are really a good Nigerian for sharing this info free of charge without telling people to send money to ur bank a/c.I verified my own account with GTBank Naira Mastercard.

  20. I successfully linked my GTBank Mastercard with my Paypal acount but after some attempts to use it with “your freedom vpn” to pay for their services I have not been successful. pls help me out sir?

  21. Thanx Oscar I created my PayPal account after reading your tutorial your are a good blogger. But I’m yet to verify my access bank visa card, but I’ll do letter. please Oscar how and where can I purchase goods like phones laptops and the like online to Nigeria or to my destination safely and secured? Thanks God bless.

  22. Hi Oscar i’ve been trying to open a paypal account but they keep asking me to submit my phone number even though i did. The registration form keep coming back with the same message sbmit your phne number

  23. Oh my God I swear I can’t stop praying for u ..such a good and nice blogger ..still thinking of paying someone to go open a PayPal for me…I just used my Gtb master card to open now ..thank God and thank u Mr Oscar frank..uh pls how can I buy from eBay and ship to Nigeria is dea way out ?

    • You are very much welcome Adeyemi. I’m glad I could help. Talking about buying from ebay, you would definitely need a US address to get it shipped to, and then make your final shipping to Nigeria.

  24. Hi Oscar. I tried using my Paypal account to pay for a service in the U.S but it wouldnt go through and when I asked a friend he told me it is because I am using a Nigeria Paypal to pay to a US site that I can only use a US Paypal for pay for US site services. How true is that?

  25. pls av nt recieved my 4.digit no frm my.gtbank dat paypal av deduct my money $1.94. did i need to activate my online banking before i can open paypal or get my 4 digit no to complete my signup. thank

  26. I sign up my paypal account and it was verified with my VISA card of Diamond Bank account.
    Thanks Oscar more info looking forward to get from your desk. good job well done

  27. Thanks a lot Mr Oscar. Pls I have a question. Derz a product I wanted to purchase 4rm amazon, and they said they can ship it to Nigeria, so i’d like to know if derz still need 2 go thru ordertonigeria.com

  28. Thanks a lot boss,I’v opened&verified my account.the only issue I’m avn nw is uncompleted transaction.I was unable to send money.pls wot can I do?

  29. Thanks for the nice post you have here. I am still having problem with the verification of my paypal account. I have tried the mastercard of uba and first bank but paypal keep rejecting it. I seriously need paypal for my online transaction. Is it possible to use another medium to transfer money into my paypal account? Will i be able to use it for payments online? I will really appreciate your reply Sir. Thanks

  30. please what if i want to recieve money from an online marketing? will it go straight into my account after filling d paypal form or how

  31. great,have open my account successfully great thanks for d info,pls hv been trying to pay wit my account and they were telling sorry we can’t send your payment now.pls what can I do

  32. Hi Oscar. I want to buy an item from ebay, which they indicated can be shipped to Nigeria from Hong Kong via FedEx, but i have been tring to make payment with my paypal account but it keeps telling transaction cannot be completed and that i should check my paypal settings or pay through ebay, whatever that means.
    Is there anyway u can walk me through

  33. hello Oscar,
    I want to buy an item i saw on ebay from Hong Kong to Nigeria. They indicated it can be shipped to Nigeria via FedEx. I tried making payment with my paypal account but it keeps telling me transaction cannot be completed. Is there anyway u can help please.

  34. Pls Mr. Oscar, I have just opened my Nigerian paypal account but I have a few questions and would be most glad if they are answered.

    1. Can I withdraw directly from paypal using my debit card in Nigeian ATMs after updating my debit card details?

    If not, 2. How can I withdraw my funds from the paypal account?

    Thanks and God Bless

  35. @oscar
    God will indeed increase u in all areas for the knowledge u have been sharing…more power to your elbow.
    pls id like u to specifically clarify for me if i can fund a verified gtbank paypal account with my Gtbank DEBIT mastercard.
    Thank you for your timely response.

  36. If after creating the paypal account in Nigeria then have my 9ja card linked; If I should fund my Paypal account would I be able to get cash if I use my same 9ja card linked with Paypal from an ATM machine in 9ja?

  37. I have tried integrating my GTbank Master Card details to my paypal account but it keeps telling me that my bank has refused verification of my card and the bank simply said DECLINED

  38. please i want to say that the atm i have is mater card can it be used then i want to believe that if it can be used i can withdraw money directly from the atm what do you think

  39. @oscar, i followed your guild and was able to create an account but here is the proplem.. i tried linking my account with my GT-bank debit card but its saying ” your bank issuer did not permit ” in this case, wat do i do? looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  40. Hi Oscar
    I will like to open a new account at GTB, I hope I can use the paypal with my GTB card without buying their token unlike firstbank

  41. Hey bro, Oscar

    I’m about trying this out soon,hope I cn receive payment with the paypal?? And if I do,will the money be in my GTB account.. Thanks nd do reply

  42. Hi Oscar,
    Thanks for the the useful tips. I attempted to open a PayPal account but kept getting an error message that some info was either missing or incorrect. However, I populated all the fields and believe all the info supplied to be correct. I hv checked over again but can’t spot any errors. Any ideas what might be responsible for this? Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

  43. firstly I will say thank u for the nigerian paypal step by step tutorial and also wish to tell peepz out there that I used DIAMOND VISA DEBIT CARD for my naija paypal successfully…..thankz

  44. Hi Frank, i stumbled on your site. I want to know if its possible to sign in with paypal without using using a sebit or xredit card.
    I filled in my details but the segment where i waa required to fill in the card number, i declined. I want to know if this is compulsory. Thร nks..

  45. Dear Oscar
    how could I pay for a journal article using PayPal? it’s an Indian Journal; is this possible since it amounts to transfer of funds?
    God bless you!

  46. I was unable to submit after filling my detail it kept saying drs an error…please is dr a wai fho u to help me open dis acc

  47. You are wonderful, Oscar. pls notify me when nigeria paypal starts to get payment down to their local account.

  48. Pls can some transfer money to me from outside nigeria tru paypal and if yes will it be credited into my registered account?

  49. But Na wa oh. We Nigerians and Africans as a whole have gotten so used to getting the short end of the “chewing” stick that when these types of situations occur we immediately start rejoicing. “Oh let’s make some money off these third world countries but no, God forbid we allow them to get something in return”. So in other words, PayPal is allowing us to spend and send our money out of the country so they can make commission off merchants, but when it comes to allowing revenue to return it’s not allowed. Aint that some bullshit? And that “Nigerian Scam/419” excuse is blown out of proportion. “While Nigeria is most often the nation referred to in these scams, they may originate in other nations as well. For example, in 2006, 61% of Internet criminals were traced to locations in the United States, while 16% were traced to the United Kingdom and 6% to locations in Nigeria. Other nations known to have a high incidence of advance-fee fraud include Ivory Coast, Togo, South Africa, the Netherlands, and Spain”. Google 419 and check wikipedia. I live in the US, the majority of the people cracking cards here are not even Nigerians. Na wa Oh.

  50. please i want to send my PayPay details to my customer in Germany to transfer money for me, what are the details i have to send to him??? i have already created and verified my account.

  51. can i buy a domain name on PayPal , i need a good way to buy domain without any agents helping me like directly from godaddy?

  52. Hello

    i am sure that very soon, PayPal.com will give Nigerians the full licence to receive money online….

  53. Hello Everyone

    For those who are worried about Nigerians not yet receiving money through PayPal.com or participating in its full features can email:

    [email protected]

    It is good we send them an email and necessary action will be taken……

  54. Hi Oscar, Thanks for the good enriched information. Please If I open Paypal Acct with GTB or Fiest Bank, can I fund the paypal account with dollars/pounds through a friend in abroad instead of funding my bank account here in Nigeria.


  55. Can I do online business and I am be pay with dollars, can I pick the money in dollars or naria Nigeria.?..thank you.

  56. Can I do online business and I am be pay with dollars, can I pick the money in dollars or naria Nigeria.?..thank you

  57. Oscar my friend, thanks for the information.
    But paypal officials are not getting it right. How can someone open an account without been able to receive money through it? This is not right! As big as paypal company is, they couldn’t be able to track criminals if not by restricting us from receiving money!?
    As for me, I’ll wait until Nigerians be able to receive money because I am an online designer.

    Thanks once again Oscar, and please do let us know whenever they lifts the restriction.

  58. Thanks Oscar! you are the best. I just created a paypal account following your instructions… I was quiet simple as u said. I want to ask how to make a screenshot of my paypal transactions in case I start online transaction which I want to begin Asap.


  59. Thanks a bunch Oscar! just created my paypal account using you guidelines. please I want to ask how to make a screenshot of my transactions online as I would want to begin transactions Asap.


  60. Am trying to verify my Paypal account with my girlfriend’s master card but it’s say that the issuer bank does not allow the transaction. I have all the details, I wonder why it isn’t possible?

  61. Hi Oscar, I am having difficulty filling the PayPal form. I put in all the required information but it keep saying some information is wrong or incomplete.. I don’t know what else to do.. Help pls

  62. Appreciate you Oscar for the great job here, I just opened and verified a PayPal account with my GTB Mastercard following your directions…But what will be the NAIRA (#) equivalent to USD ($) when I send money to a USA account? (Bank rate or black market?)

  63. Quite a content Oscar. But how about now, can I receive my revenue with it? Am a Fiverr seller and worried. How do I collect my revenues? Anyway, keep the flag flying.

  64. Hey Oscar. Thanks for this info n update. Can i use paypal to receive money in my GT bank account ? Like, if money is credited to my paypal account, can i withdraw it here in nigeria in my gt bank account ??

  65. I have open the paypal account but my account was debited but it was never credited. Pls what should I do,is my account ok for transaction.

  66. Thank you Oscar for your good information, this will go a long way in helping most Nigerian, may the good Lord continue to be with you, thanks a lot.

  67. I just opened a verified Paypal account following your instruction. I did it with my STANBIC bank debit mastercard. Thank you so much for the info.

  68. HELLO BROS! I think am interested in this paypal of a thing, can you kindly see me through pls? i also want to be your friend on google+ FACEBOOK.

  69. Hi Oscar, there is a 300 dollar daily limit on spending using GTB card. This is not convenient cos the good you want to buy may be more than the 300 dollar. With paypal can one go above this 300 dollar daily limit or I still have to stick to the limit. Thanks

  70. hey Oscar,thanks for the info,you’ve been very helpful. Is there a limit to how much one can spend shopping daily from a paypal account?

  71. I try tried to verified my payapal with first bank master card, it is getting to one week I have not getting my confirmation code, nor any reduction from my account, and I really wanna pay for product key. What do I do?

  72. Hello Oscar, coming across this blog was indeed an eye opener. thanks for the good job. I want to know if the new CBN policy will affect Nigerian paypal. I just opened mine, my card has been charged $1.95 but am yet to receive the 4 digit code /pin to verify my account. i used Stambic card and I don’t know what’s causing the delay.

  73. If i use a USA address, will i be required to verify the address in question by providing a utility bill or social security number before my paypal account can be verified? Thanks.

  74. Once it has been verified using a Nigerian Naira MasterCard, can one be able to withdraw his money from that verified PayPal account in ways in which he can see the physical cash?

  75. Sir,using naira PayPal account in online purchases and using the ordinary visa or MasterCard in online purchases which one out of the two will the dollar exchange rate be friendly, thanks.

  76. Thanks a lot for the above information but I have tried several times to register and the only message I got was ” you are already registered with this email” and when I try to login, I receive a message saying; “something isnt right with the information, please try again later”. Yes I have tried to register before. Now my dilemma is how to get over this problem. Your timely response will be greatly appreciated.

  77. Oscar thanks a millions times for this info. Pls is there any means or any E-account i can open to make cash transaction in online biz?

  78. Thank you very much Oscar for the information. Please can i link my Nigerian Paypal account to my Payoneer US virtual bank account to enable me receive payments without having to hide my address or IP with VPN?

  79. bro.am really excited on wht u wrote,hw do we c?snd me an sms or u flash me,for d past 8to10yrs paypal hs been a torn t my flesh,i nid a verbal lecture on dat pls

  80. i didnt receive any email that my money was refunded and they deducted $1.95 from my account the second day without doing any transaction what can I do.

    • Not for now Tee, I’ll definitely update this post with information once Nigerians are approved to receive payments. BTW, why not subscribe to our newsletter so you’ll promptly receive notification.

  81. I wanted to open a PayPal account cause I intend receiving money with it, but since that aspect is still unavailable to Nigerians, I’ll have to wait till the Ban is lifted.. Thanks Oscar for this info. I appreciate Brov.. ????

    .NOTE: Raise Your Words, Not Your Voice. It Is Rain That Grows Flowers, Not Thunder.

  82. Goodevening

    Thanks for this eye opening way to open paypal,

    I however follpwed ur steps,

    GtB has not sent me any code, the only sms i got had a number of abt 10digits, No CODE



  83. I have been trying to create account so that i will start making use of PayPal but it has been difficult. i have tried to put my email address many times, after which i clicked continue but couldn’t go any further

  84. Though paypal is one of the safest means of sending payment, but can i send payment of $10000 through my Gtbank master card.

  85. Hey Oscar, I’m a freelance writer looking to broaden my scope by bidding on international writing jobs online. PayPal would have been the surefire way to get paid for my services. As this is not a possibility in Nigeria yet, what am I to do?

  86. Informative and insightful piece. Read it twice. Finally decided to subscribe. Quick question is n’t possible to receive payments through another person’s PayPal account (who resides in a recognized country)? Is this legit?

  87. Hello Oscar,
    your post is helpful. But one more question:
    Can I use my Nigerian paypal for binary trading online?


  88. Can I get money through PayPal, in Nigeria? My money is hanging and am in Nigeria. I did empowre social online, and what they use is PayPal or check, can I still get the money?

  89. Wow
    This is good I must confess. I know Nigeria uses PayPal but I tried it then, they said I should get a token from my bank.
    But am so happy to have come a cross this your wonderful article. It’s so helpful to me due I’ve not completed my confirmation but it’s in progress.

  90. Amazing!

    Just as u stated above that’s the exact experience that am having so far.
    I just confirmed my card on PP.
    Thank you so much for this.
    Keep it up

  91. Amazing!

    Just as u stated above that’s the exact experience that am having so far.
    I just confirmed my card on PP.
    Thank you so much for this.
    Keep it up cos it’s so amazing.

    Am a witness.

  92. But it’s still not useful for my Freelancing stuff now, I mean to receive payments from my clients OR do you have a solution to this? .

  93. is it possible that after i successfully link my master card atm with my paypal account can i be able to withdraw money credited to my paypal account through my atm card

  94. I am told that for now, we can only make payments or send money using PayPal, but we can not receive money using PayPal. Is this true?

  95. thanks bro, but the way it is now i cant register paypal now. i have tried this for the past 4 weeks , it is not opening for me, always REJECTING MY CARD.

  96. Hi Admin and anyone who have tried this. Please is it possible to send funds from my Nigeria paypal account to a friend US paypal account?? Thanks for d response in advance. This is quite urgent pls. Thanks man.

  97. Pls ….I just opened a PayPal account and I’m trying to link my gtbank mastercard buh its not accepting my card
    Pls contact me.. 07085733828

  98. Pls I just opened a PayPal account and I’m trying to link my gtbank master card but its saying my card is not accepted

    Pls contact me 07085733828

  99. But I have been trying to link my Zenith Bank MasterCard to paypal account, but is not accepting it. Please what should I do in such case ?

  100. I couldn’t find the option of linking my bank account details and it rejected my Gtbank Naira master card. What do you advise?

  101. good day thanks for that wonderful write up God bless you. please paypal is not accepting my gtbank master card and the information are correct i have double check,please can you help.

  102. When you receive payment into your verified Paypal account, can you make withdrawal, into your GTBank account?

  103. Thanks for the info. You’re Awesome! I have two questions:
    1. Can I receive payments immediately into my newly created Nigerian PayPal account from online business transactions? And,
    2. How do I withdraw the money from my Nigerian PayPal account?

  104. Can i receive payment from other paypal accounts? Like adding the paypal tab to my website to receive payments for some service

  105. Thks for ur write up on how to verified paypal acct with gtbank naira master card. Pls i am having problem with linking of my card. Pls let me call u on my pho. No: 08034403446.thks

  106. I tried to used my fidelity master card, but the card was not accepted. please help me and show me how to use the card to make purchase in online.

  107. I have been trying to verify my PayPal account with my GT master card but it keeps telling me to check my card details and try again, is there something I am doing wrong??

  108. Guy Nyc post. Pls I wanna clerify something. Apart from your billing address, is there any other thing that
    will make paypal reject your card??….like if the CSC at that back of your card is written “Not valid unless signed”….is that also an obstacle or problem???

  109. Please I opened a Paypal account and its showing Paypal Inc. US. Does this mean I opened the wrong one when it was meant to be Nigeria. And it is not accepting my GT bank Master card error message ( Check your card details and try again.). Please what should I do. is there a way to close it and open another one for Paypal Nigeria?
    When I used this link https://www.paypal.com/ng/ it still took me to Paypal Inc. US.

    Or can I be assisted at the bank?

    • The Card issue can be resolved at your bank. More so, the Paypal Inc. U.S goes on to tell you Paypal is operated as an Incorporation in the US. That was the right site you got registered on and a Nigerian Paypal account you do have.

  110. Thank you very much, Frank and well-done for your nice write up on how to create PayPal account number. Please let me ask if it is possible to receive money via PayPal account in Nigeria apart from using PayPal to purchase goods and services outside the country? Remember this is year 2018

  111. Does it mean when my PayPal account is paid into from outside, I can withdraw it, for instance, from the account I linked it to?


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