In the online scenario today, you can never overlook Paypal services if you are really out for online business and wish to make money online. The reason we all want to own and operate a verified Paypal account is to lift the limit placed on unverified accounts and also because most online stores do not process or accept payments made from unverified Paypal accounts.

verify paypal using payoneer

Most people get stuck here finding it difficult to verify their Paypal accounts. Well, If you are in such shoes and you own a Payoneer MasterCard, stay cool because here is a little tip that would help you verify your Paypal account at ease with my step by step guide using the Payoneer MasterCard service.

Why Use Payoneer

You might wonder why I’m emphasizing on using a Payoneer MasterCard to verify a Paypal account. The answer is quite simple. Remember, Paypal asks for two methods of account verification which are;

  1. Verifying Your Paypal Using Your US Bank Details
  2. Verifying Your Paypal Account Linking Your Card.

Back to answering the above question, Payoneer creates a US Bank Account for you when they issue you their MasterCard, and the US Bank account makes it easier to verify your Paypal account even if you are out of the US. If you do not have a Payoneer Mastercard, then you might love to read my little story on How I Got A Payoneer Mastercard Using Infolinks.

How To Verify A Paypal Account Using Payoneer (Even Out Of the US)

As earlier said, once your Payoneer MasterCard is sent to you, you receive a mail from payoneer concerning your US Money service. To check your US Bank Account Details, Login to your Payoneer dashboard and click on Receive Money > Us Payment Service. My US Bank account was created with Century Bank.

You can then copy out your Account Number, Bank Routing Number and Name of Bank as we would need these details to verify the Paypal account. Now follow the steps below to verify your Paypal account using the Payoneer new US Bank details.

1. Login to your Unverified Paypal account, find the link to verify using Bank Account Details.

2. Fill in the details of your US Bank Account which you had collected earlier from the Payoneer website and submit the form.

3. You would receive a message saying that your Payoneer account would be credited with two deposits from Paypal (usually less than a dollar) which you would use in confirming your account. The payment comes in within 48-72 hours. Below is a screenshot of the Payments made.

paypal payoneer deposit

4. Once you receive the payment, Paypal would send you a mail to confirm the payment amount. Login to your Payoneer account and write out the two deposit amounts, mine was $0.16 and $0.06.

5. Follow the verification link sent by Paypal and then fill in the two deposit amounts in the boxes provided, then submit the form.

6. Bingo!!! A new page would load with a congratulatory message confirming that your Paypal Account has successfully been verified and all limits lifted.

This are the exact processes I had to follow when I verified my US Paypal account. It’s quite easier verifying a paypal account using a US Bank account created by Payoneer than any other method.

I hope you did enjoyed this tutorial session. Feel free to send in your questions in the comment form below related to this article, I’ll be glad to answer them.


  1. Gr8 job dear,i like ur kindness. But i have a question,payoneer often requires ur international passport,national ID or drive’s licence in verifing their account but i don’t have any of d above,pls what shall i do?. Thanks

  2. Thanks for these great info. But i have some few questions to ask you.
    1. Does it matter if the address you used in your paypal account is from another country? Mine is from China, can it still work for me?
    2. Can one use a gmail account to open a paypal account?
    3. What is i don’t have any money in my paypal account, can i still verify it using this method? I will appreciate if you answer all my questions thank you.

    • Hi Cyracks,
      Here are the answers you need
      1. I registered my payoneer with my real country and registered paypal with US as country, therefore it doesn’t matter because payoneer gets you a US Bank account which you’ll be using to verify.
      2. Sure you can, all my paypal accounts are on gmail.
      3. You don’t need to have money on your paypal before it you can verify it. This works with $0.00 in your account.
      I hope I did answer your questions. Feel free to reply if you need more clarification. BTW, thanks for stopping by and do have a nice day.

  3. Good job bro!

    In creating my Gmail for PayPal do I need to use my fake american I’d in creating d Gmail accc e.g d one gotten from fake name generator

  4. Bro,,really happy to know that there are such kind people like you still alive helping people in need..
    Please tell me ,,did you pay anything to payoneer to get your payoneer account active enough to verify your paypal?

    • Hi Alan,
      Thanks for the compliment 🙂 . Now to your question, I never paid anything to Payoneer. Everything here is the detailed explanation of how I went about verifying my Paypal using Payoneer.
      Thanks for finding to read this guide and also visiting my blog, hope to get more of your comments down here.

  5. Hey! Oscar please how can I fund my payoneer. My card was in the process of shipping and I want to fund my account so that I will be able to verify my paypal please help me

  6. Oscar,thanks very much for this priceless information.Pls,which reliable vpn or proxy should I use to cloak my ip while opening an account with paypal?I learnt my a/c wil be limited if I use hotspotshield.Pls,am awaiting ur reply.Thanks.

  7. Can i use my payoneer mastercard issued by US bank to verify paypal account opened with another country eg Niger, Benin, U.A.E etc??

    Is opening a USA paypal account easy and what are the requirement for opening a USA paypal account

    if i have a non USA paypal account and joined a survey site where only US residents are allowed and where only paypal is their method of payment, will my non USA paypal account be useful?

    I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks and God bless

    • Hi Kola,
      I’ll give your answers in same steps as asked.
      1. I’m not really sure if a US Bank account would verify a non US Paypal account. Though I’ve never tried that.
      2. It’s easy to open and run a US Paypal account using the method I stated. BTW, you must have a VPN that operates on a US IP or a non Paypal restricted region.
      3. Joining such sites isn’t a problem because your Paypal account would be useful on anysite that accepts Paypal as a medium of payment.
      You might want to read : 6 Ways to Successfully Operate a Paypal Account In Restricted Countries.

      • Thank you Frank. Please more questions.

        Can i use the same payoneer mastercard to verify both paypal and payza account?

        Paypal asks for phone number, name, country of origin and home address. Solution?

        For those survey sites (for US residents only) that pay through cheque. Does “” still reliable? If no, any alternative?

        Thank you once again and God bless.

  8. Nice and rich post. I wil love to guess post on your blog. I have an issue with my payone card. I sign up for it with clickbank and now i use fiverr but dont know how to integrate it with fiverr. I have more than $200 to withdraw. Pls help

  9. Hello oscar, I just read your article on how to verify paypal acct with a payooneer acct. I want to know since the address provided to paypal to verify the paypal acct is the us bank address given by payoneer, can I then be able to receive payments with my paypal acct.

    • Hi Osagie,
      Payoneer won’t provide your address to Paypal as much as I can tell. You have to use a virtual address, talking about receiving your payments, you can make purchases or exchange for cash with the Paypal fund.

  10. Thank you Sir/Ma,

    Good day I want to verify my paypal account with my payoneer debit master card but paypal give me just two options to verified my paypal account.

    First option: they told me to ask my issue bank to authorize my debit master card before verified my paypal account.

    Second option: they told me to ask my issue bank to give me the access to online login and password of my card before they can verified my paypal account… and my bank was Bank Of America?

  11. Everything done well in my paypal acc and my bank acc verified after putting those two amount in paypal amount verified page but after 2 days later i got this below message to my email acc and my US bank acc deleted from paypal and they are not accepting my that us bank account again….what i need to do now????

    message here:
    Dear Hefajatur Rahman,
    On Oct 21, 2014, we attempted to transfer null from your bank account ending in x-xx44. We received an automated response from your bank informing us that they could not complete the transfer.
    As a result, we have removed this bank account from your PayPal account.
    To re-add this bank account to your PayPal account, please confirm with your bank that all information is correct. Alternatively, you can add another bank account.
    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

  12. Must I have money on my Payooneer Master Card to verify my US paypal account; if yes what is the least amount as I have no money on my Master card? Thanks

  13. Sorry for this late question. If I have a PayPal account with Nigeria address, can I verify it with a us bank acct detail from payoneer? Because, I have a PayPal account that I have link my zenith master card for payment online but not yet verify it.

  14. Thanks Oscar for your gifts of information to people, your type is rear. Does it mean i can successfully open a US a/c here in Nigeria with the mastercard sent to me here in Nigeria without me hiding my country? Can i use the card to withdraw here in Nigeria?

    • Hi Jossy,
      Thanks for the compliment. You definitely need to cloak your IP for this process. Though you can now open a Nigerian paypal account with a limitation of receiving payments

  15. Thank you for your information, I do enjoy blog please, I have my payoneer card since 2013 with me without using it, if I want to use it to verify my Paypal in 2015 NOW. Hope it will work for me or should I order for another card? kindly answer me, tenq U.

  16. Oscar we appreciate your effort. I have a problem verifying my US paypal account after I was sent the two less than one dollar amount, I find it hard to verify and confirm these amounts. PayPal wouldn’t allow me. what I get was a message telling me to try again later. pls:
    1) What do I do to enter these amount without hitches?
    2)Does that mean that there is deadline to respond to PayPal’s message? After all I replied them in less than 5days time.
    3)Is there any length of time am required to wait before putting the less than a dollar sent to me?

  17. I have a payoneer account with a nigerian address, thou my card will be arriving this week and my US Bank account details already displayed in my account area with payoneer. Now, i’m looking forward to open a paypal account, should i use the same address i used in payoneer or a USA Virtual address so i can recieve paymant into my paypal account and withdeaw with payoneer mastercard. Also, will this require me to change my IP address when opening an account with paypal? I await your response, thanks.

  18. Please I have this specific question to ask, if I follow the method you specify here to verify my paypal account will I be able to receive payment with some paid to write article site that pay to paypaly

  19. Thank you very much Oscar. You’re doing a great job and i admire your site. Please i have a question because there’s something i don’t understand. If i open a Nigerian Paypal account with a Nigerian address, can i verify it with my Payoneer US virtual bank account, or must i fake my Nigerian address with VPN or thereabout? Please reply. Thanks in advance

  20. Hello friend ?
    Please after verifying your paypal? How will you get to withdraw every earnings,since everything was gotten online?
    And also,when filling the pioneer form,do one needs to fill in everything about nigeria or i will have to put a unitedstates information? Example like the country,address etc.. How do i get to do that? Thanks

  21. Hello, thanks for the info. I have a Payoneer account, and I also know my US Account Number, but my card is not yet ready. Do you mean that with this method I can open a US PayPal and verify with Payoneer. And I believe this should help me recieve money on the US PayPal ACCOUNT with which I can withdraw with Payoneer Card.

  22. I open nigeria paypal account some mounth back and gave it to some of my marchant without verified later i recieved email from paypal that money was credited to my account i know i cant withdraw it but can i purchase goods online with this money pls advice.

  23. Good day sir, thank you for the post it was a good read. From what i read above it means this is only applicable to verifying US PayPal account and not the Nigeria PayPal account because my Nigeria PayPal account has only one method of verifying the account which is Linking my card to the account but in trying to link my Payoneer Mastercard to the account it’s given me rejection note saying “CARD NOT ACCEPTABLE”. In view of this observation i have few questions to ask:

    1. Can someone have two PayPal account (US and NG PayPal account)

    2. If answer to question above is NO, how can i deactivate or delete the NG Paypal account so that i can open the US Paypal account

  24. PayPal says that they need a US social security number when setting up their acct. If the person is Not a US citizen how do they do this?

  25. It looks like Payoneer is no longer can be used for PayPal since I contacted them and they said they don’t accept them anymore.

    Now I can’t verify my account and have no way of getting another bank on my own.

    I came across this site: and it looks like they offer ways to verify your PayPal. But I don’t know whether to trust them or not? Do you have any feedback on them?

  26. Thanks for post… it amazing, love it but I will like to know what of if you’ve already activate your verify your PayPal account with your local account is it possible to still link it up with Payoneer? Thanks… Great post.

  27. Hi Oscar, hope you are doing great? I can’t find the link that would enable me verify my paypal account using my payoneer bank details.

  28. Tried creating a payoneer account here in Nigeria. At the last stage, i was asked to provide my banks Bank Identifier Code (BIC).
    That was how far i went and couldn’t finish creating it.

    How do i create a payoneer account.

    Will be glad to get feed back.


  29. If I may ask can I still use this payoneer method to verified a nigerian PayPal account and all limit be lifted? And can I use the America bank account create 4 me by payoneer to receive money directly instead of my PayPal account?


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