Game folks let’s do the thrill as one of world’s most popular instant messaging company, Viber has just launched another game for smartphones. The new game named Viber Rude Rider is an action packed car racing game to keep you busy for those times you are bored at home or in the office. Aside the action in the game, I found it very funny the way Ruddy insults everyone on the road while cruising his car and would have no nonsense from anyone. Lol.

Rudy, who insults players with his rude and tongue- in-cheek humour, will be seen racing through traffic, blowing up cars, helicopters, tanks and any other obstacles in his way.

Viber Rude Rider Game for Android and iOS

Rudy taunts and insults players with his signature attitude and sarcasm throughout the game. Players collect coins as they shoot obstacles, and use them to customize their cars buying boosters, weapons and shields and more.

The Viber Rude Rider is currently available for downloads at the Google play store for Android devices and on the App Store for iPhone users.


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