5 Tech Myths & Misconceptions You Should No Longer Believe

Tech Myths you should know

There’s no doubt that at one point or another, you must have found yourself confused or even gone as far as believing that one of the opinions listed in this article was actually a fact that would have been provable beyond any reasonable doubt.

Tech Myths you should know

Now, let’s get you to unlearn the lies. In this post are 5 myths that most people believe about technology (covers smartphones and computers) and what you should really know about them.

Before I go ahead the article, you can kindly watch the video below. If you are otherwise not a video person and would prefer text, then go ahead with the post.

5 Tech Myths You Should Trash Today

Here are some tech misconceptions from people around the world and what you really need to know.

1. Refreshing Your Desktop Speeds Up Your Computer

This myth is one that applies specifically to windows users. I keep running into people on a daily basis who believe that refreshing the desktop screen would make it work properly.

f5 to refresh a pc

Refreshing the desktop screen does not actually have any effect on the speed or response time of your machine. Refreshing your desktop ends up implementing any changes that have been made to the desktop.

2. Using Incognito Mode Means You are Anonymous

While using the incognito mode or Private browsing capability of your Firefox browser wouldn’t save your history or browsing activity, this doesn’t in any way mean you are anonymous. In fact, your ISP knows every website you visit.

using chrome incognito mode or private browsing

If you really need to go anonymous, you might have to consider hiding behind a VPN service. Though that also doesn’t mean there ain’t ways to somehow know what you are doing behind these walls.

3. More Pixels Equals better Camera

This is another widely believed as far as tech sphere is considered, especially when it comes to smartphones. Most consumers end up believing that the more Mega Pixels they see on the new smartphone from an OEM means the device now ships with a better quality camera.

Does more megapixel equate higher image quality in smartphone cameras

This often isn’t the case, more so, the more MegaPixel you have doesn’t guarantee a better image quality production on that smartphone’s camera. There’s a whole lot to the quality of an image than just the number of pixels in the image. I made a video dedicated to this topic which you can watch here.

4. More RAM Equals More Speed

One thing most people out there fail to realize is the difference between speed and multitasking. More RAM (Random Access Memory) simply put, in the real sense, means you can launch and use multiple applications simultaneously.

Though more of it means more applications would run efficiently and simultaneously, it isn’t the factor to really rely on when it comes to the speed of your computer. The processor even has more part to play in this field.

5. More Network Bars Mean Better Cell Service

While having more bars helps your service, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee excellent reception. The bars you see on your smartphone indicates how close you are to the nearest cell tower. There are a whole lot of factors that that impact how fast the internet on your phone performs, such as how many people are currently connected to the said tower and are using the network.

These are some of the widely held myths around the world on tech. Hope you found this post helpful.

Do you have other myths? Feel free to share with us in the comment section below as I’d love to hear from you.



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