First, it was the introduction of 4G LTE by Ghana’s big network provider, Vodafone. As their customers where all smiles still talking about that, Vodafone decided to inject $23 million (an equivalent of GHS 55 million) into this telecom business for further expansions.


This move has been made to give customers value for their money and at the same time meet the users communication needs.

Here is what Patricia Obo-Nai, the Chief Technology Officer of Vodafone Ghana had to say.

“It is fundamental to customer satisfaction and loyalty and Vodafone is keenly aware of this. Over the years we have invested over 700 million US dollars into expanding our sites from an initial 300 in 2009 to about 2000 across the country,
We’ve made a conscious decision to invest not just in our brand and market, but to build a network that is reliable, sound and stable. We are going to make sure that we are consistently reliable, and provide the best service. Our customers want to achieve a lot and require a very reliable connection to the people and things that are important to them. So they need a network that they can trust to provide great value,” .
This is great news anyway.


  1. Hello Oscar,

    Sometime, I seriously envy the Ghanians…they are a nation that knows what they are up to! When will our own telecoms operators follow suite? Or is it high time to invite Vodafone over?



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