The dream of having a road safe society has inspired two Kenyan brothers Joseph Muchene and Charlse Muchene, a certified Accountant and Electronics Engineer respectively to work on a startup that would be known as CladLight with plans to launch probably Africa’s first wearable and interactive electronics.

Due to the increase in purchases of motorbikes by Kenyans, the brothers have an idea of launching a line of reflective indicator jackets that would help reduce the rate of road accidents that has been on the rise lately.

kenya wearable tech startup clad light

One amazing fact you would love to hear about this is that the indicator jackets are fitted with a transmission device which is integrated to the motorcycle’s lighting or indication system. When a rider brakes, the device relays the signals to the jacket wirelessly and turns on the lights on the jacket to warn the approaching car or rider that his colleague is about to either branch-off or stop. A single jacket can be used by anyone on any motorbike.

This is really great news as it would go a long way in reducing the high mortality rate dues the ever increasing usage of motorbikes by the Kenya youths in general. We should be expecting the Clad Light team to come up with the completion of their project soon.


  1. Hello Frank,

    This is surely a great technology…it will surely go a long way in decreasing accidents that have become part and parcel of using motorbikes as a means of transport.

    What I’m genuinely concerned of is it’s compatibility with all model of bikes. Will it work all round?

    Do have a great day. I appreciate this post!

    – Terungwa


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