gadgets from 2004

I still most times wonder how we ever managed to survive such dark age times as it was 10 years ago. When there were no smartphones, no ebook readers, no tablets, anyone who owned a flip cellphone was damn so happy owning a real tech gadget, lol.

Well, the truth is I wasn’t even allowed to make use of my parents cellphones as I was barely 10 years old then. What were the gadgets you rocked a decade ago? Use the comment box to let us know.


  1. Guy I used to rock that sagem myxT23 it was like I was the champion in my compound,and I remember my dad used to have one nokia mobira senator, he used for more than 17 years,even ,but anyways now I am using a samsung galaxy Note 2 smartphone,thankx oscar…for taking me back to the long old,gone days. I appreciate


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