I couldn’t imagine that some people do not know what BBM is all about. I was having a lengthy conversation yesterday with someone, and it all ended with him asking me these set of questions.

  • What is BBM?
  • Is BBM Free?

I was like, What! You do not know what BBM is all about, and that has led me to making this post for our readers out there who might have similar questions on this. I will tell you the basic things you need to know about BBM, how it works and what platforms it currently runs on. Seat back, take a drink and read carefully through this article.

What Is the BlackBerry Messenger?

what is BBM

Back to the subject question that led to this article, BBM stands for Blackberry Messenger. According to Wikipedia, here is what they tell us about BBM.

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is a proprietary Internet-based instant messenger and videotelephony application included on BlackBerry devices that allows messaging (and videocalls for BlackBerry 10 smartphones) between BlackBerry users. It was developed by the manufacturer of the BlackBerry, BlackBerry (formerly Research In Motion (RIM)). Messages sent via BlackBerry Messenger are sent over the Internet and use the BlackBerry PIN system, so communication is only possible between BlackBerry devices.

Now you have a glimpse of what the BBM is all about, it comes with any Blackberry OS phone and is a means for cheap chat and communication between users of the smartphone.

Is BBM Free?

Here is another question people tend to ask about the Instant Messaging service, and guess what, Yes it is. Just like the email providers offer their service for free, so is the BBM free. You can send messages, images and videos to people making this platform all for free without worrying for been charged. Although, carrier charges always apply for data usage.

BBM for iPhone and Android

At the onset, the Blackberry Messenger was not made for the Android and iPhone smartphones. But about two weeks ago, RIM, the company in charge of the Blackberry Messenger (BBM) made it know to the public that they would be releasing the BBM for the Android and iPhone smartphones. This would greatly expand the user base of the free BBM service.

Infact, rumors have it that the BBM for Android and iPhones would be released around the 27th of June 2013, and we are looking forward to it’s arrival in the various smartphone OS stores.

BBM for Personal Computers (PC)

It is possible to run the BBM App on PC, but this involves some technical processes which i’ll be making in another post.  I’ll write a guide soon to teach you how to use the BBM on your PC.

Now you know what the Blackberry Messenger (BBM) is all about, you know it’s a free Instant Messaging service and the latest news about it for iPhones and Android Smartphones.
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