If you love movies, then you must have heard about the Internet Movie Database (IMDB), one of the web’s favorite sources of information about TV shows, films, and the professionals that produce them. The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) is the biggest, most used TV and movie database on the net. It lists several TV shows, movies, actors and other relevant information about the entertainment game. It lets you know who featured, who wrote, who was responsible for production, who was in charge of directing, all this and more about almost all the movies or TV show ever released.

Most of us visit IMDb.com once in a while, looking for images of our stunning actresses or actors or more information on our favorite films or series. However, not many of us have a clue about what exactly IMDBPro is. This is the site’s exclusive paid subscription level.

To know the advantages and disadvantages that come with having a paid membership to the site, read us. What is IMDbPro? Is It Worth The Money? Article:

The standard site does not cost you a dime and requires no membership. Anyone can search for any information they seek. There is also a registered user model, where you can register and as an exchange for your email, you clinch the chance to customize your experience, submit reviews, write comments and anything else you feel you should share on the website.

What Exactly Is IMDbPro?

It was initially launched 17 years ago and offered a forum for all who had it in mind to research the entertainment industry. Membership in IMDBPro is theoretically meant for industry pros, but realistically, most subscribers are just ordinary people, not TV actors or movie producers. In exchange for a monthly subscription, IMDbPro lets you see what productions are upcoming, which actor is working on what project, how to reach directors and agencies and other quality information about promising actors, cameramen or writers or anyone else.

Years back, IMDbPro also added the Pro Casting service. This is a listing service that has to do with casting calls, auditions and upcoming roles. It is an excellent way for a future star to secure a job, and this seems to be effective nowadays. The Pro Casting service is not just meant for those in front of the camera but also for those looking to delve into the world of scriptwriting as well.

IMDbPro is not meant to be your go-to home for locating your next role. Its main aim is for research purposes, to be aware of what is happening, where it is happening, who is making it happen. But furthermore, it undoubtedly features some listings for those in the industry.

How Much Will IMDbPro Cost?

IMDbPro will charge you monthly or yearly. Presently, it costs $19.99/N7,231 every month or $149.99/N54,258 yearly. You also get to enjoy a 30-day free trial of IMDbPro and then after, you’ll be charged to continue to make use of the site.

In exchange for your money, you get,
1. An IMDb name page with vanity URL
2. Your resume page
3. A spot to add demo reels, breakdowns, and roles
4. Picture gallery with a headshot and up to one hundred images
5. Twitter and blog feed.
6. The capability to post notices or apply for roles

Several other advantages come with the IMDbPro that has to do with the research I talked about earlier, so it is not limited to only actors and acting. There are also complete filmographies, a comprehensive database of people, locations and their contact details, company, and agent contact information and industry news from insiders every 24 hours.

Is IMDbPro Worth Your Money?

If IMDbPro is worth, the money or not depends. If you love the research aspect, want to be aware of what is happening in the industry, a job, an insider view, then most likely yes. It is worth your cash. Seeing projects presently in development, responding to casting calls or submitting applications for movie roles is fantastic for anyone working in the entertainment industry.

IMDbPro offers a brilliant service to screenwriters to attract better attention to their work, to actors to aid them in showcasing themselves, producers, in looking for the right people to suit their movies, press, for researching celebrities, videos and more for movie lovers and loyalists out there who require lots of information about what they love to indulge in.

Those who engage in writing movie reviews can also seek IMDb to gather facts before publishing their work.

It also has a starter which is a dope aspect of IMDbPro that will fit the self-centered side of the industry. All subscriber is entitled to a Starmeter which displays the rise and fall of their career. If you are in the industry, this is more fun than useful but is a great feature still.

IMDbPro is a remarkable home for anyone in the entertainment industry or everyone with a clear interest in the business. For many, the subscription is not vital but if movies and TV are so crucial to you, paying for the service is critical.


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