Whatsapp End-to-End EncryptionOne of the worlds’ most popular portable messaging software with several million active customers, (WhatsApp), has introduced its full end-to-end encryption to all communication on its service.
The function indicates a significant improvement in protection for customers worldwide, which makes it extremely difficult for anybody to spy about the calls, chats, pictures, videos and attachments traded across the WhatsApp’s community.

Whatsapp End-to-End Encryption

End-to-end security is allowed and is automatically enabled on any cell phone operating the app’s most recent edition, be it Nokia, Android, Windows, or iPhone.

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“The strategy is straightforward: “ Whenever you deliver a message, video, voice note, photo or whatsoever, the individual or group which you sent it to are the only ones who are able to read or access what you have sent. You can read this post on WhatsApp blog for more.

“No one can see inside that message. Not cybercriminals. Not hackers. Not oppressive regimes. Not even us. End-to-encryption helps make communication via WhatsApp private – sort of like a face-to-face conversation.”

Sometime in 2013, the app began implementing encryption and got to adopt the capability for messages on certain phones after a collaboration with privacy-focused company Open Whisper Systems in 2014.

Devoted to increase assistance across extra in- app features and operating system, WhatsApp claims it spent the last 18 months completely integrating Open Whisper System’s strong encryption protocol into the product.

“Encryption is one of the most important tools governments, companies and individuals have to promote safety and security in the new digital age,” said WhatsApp.

“While we recognize the important work of law enforcement in keeping people safe, efforts to weaken encryption risk exposing people’s information to abuse from cybercriminals, hackers and rogue states.”

Well, the latest version of WhatsApp mobile application offers you an option to verify the keys of the other users with whom you are communicating, ensuring prevention from the man-in-the-middle attack.

Whatsapp key verification can be achieved by scanning a QR code, or by comparing a 60-digit number, under recently introduced “verify security code” option in the WhatsApp.

Whatsapp End-to-End Encryption

“WhatsApp users can select in to a preference which notifies them every time the security code for a contact changes.”

Note This — There’s one point to be noted, if several users are sending data which include text, voice notes and other attachments in a group, and one of the users is using an older version of WhatsApp that does’t support encrypted messages, all of the dialog going through that group chat will stay unencrypted.
Let’s hear what you have to say about this new feature on Whatsapp.



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