WhatsAppWe heard a rumour sometime toward the end of last year, concerning video call feature on whatsapp. It kind of was rumour then, until now, we have screenshots of it for beta iOS users. This feature has not been made public yet, as only but a few people can access it. This feature is accessible on some devices running the beta app, but it’s not yet activated and/or it requires the other party to have the beta too.WHatsApp Video Call

Without doubt in our heart we know that WhatsApp video call feature will be released in no time, but where doubt comes in is whether it will be general or to only beta testers. We are not sure yet if it will be same invite method as we had in the voice call feature or if they will roll it out straight away for every person.WHatsApp Video Call

We are expecting the roll out of the video call feature in the next few days, with the version Though the beta version won’t work on your iOS until you jail-break, it with Cydia installed.

We have no news about the conference video call feature, whether or not it will be added to the video call feature. Android users, we don’t have news for you as of now whether it will be rolled out for Android or not.

What can you say about this feature? Let’s hear from you.


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