Giving the fact that Facebook allows users to add up to 5000 friends it is nearly impossible to know those of your friends on Facebook who may have deleted or unfriended you. The only way to know would be if you no longer see updates from a friend or so. But what if the person is a hidden friend in your list who doesn’t do much on Facebook? A new app has just been released to tell you who deleted or unfriended you on Facebook.

Who Deleted Me

The app — named “Who Deleted Me” — takes stock of a user’s current friends list, but cannot provide backdated information, reported on Saturday.
The app tells users how many and which friends are missing or deactivated since their last Facebook login.

When you first login, the app takes stock of your current friends list and every time you return it compares the latest version to the saved one. It then informs you who your missing friends are and whether they have deactivated their account, or simply deleted you. It also enables you to keep track of who you have deleted.


  1. You guys are really making up cool stuff,i like the use of gadgets especially even if i don’t ’em.All I’m gonna say is that keep on doing what you’re doing


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