Blogging is becoming popular over the last decade and you would agree with me that most people are now taking it to be a career for them. But there a couple of reasons why people go into blogging, some might be for the passion of writing while others are there simply for the money.

I don’t really know the reason why you as my faithful reader must have considered blogging, and that’s the reason I had to come up with this article. Actually, I decided to make this post so you my readers, can add the reasons you chose blogging as a career using the comment box. I’ll be choosing the best 3 reasons I see in the comment box, and then write a little review about their blogging career when I update this article next.

Now Your Turn

Add the reasons why you love blogging and tell us if you stand the chance of becoming a blogger for life or taking it to the next level.


  1. many fail to admit it,but the truth still remains that 90 percent of bloggers came into blogging just because of the success stories they heard of either mr A or Mr B.personally i found myself blogging because i love it,but later discovered i can make something out of it.

  2. How it started may be a different story, but now if you ask me, it’s been more of my habit than guided by any particular reason. Now if I do not do anything on my blog in any given day, I feel as if I did nothing!

  3. I started blogging because I wanted to expose Nigerians to technology. I want Nigerians to see that technological innovations is what we need to move forward. This is because most people are entertainment-centric in Nigeria. I also want to make money through blogging of course.

  4. The reason i started blogging was that i wanted to share all my knowledge with gadgets, tech with the people with readers. I want to tell people the benefits, pros and cons of the things around technology. And one more thing extra money is always good, that’s why i started blogging. 🙂


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