Goodmorning to you! Welcome to FTB, how was your weekend, I hope it was all fun. As for me, It really was an interesting one. Its monday already, A new week has began Oh! I’m back to work just wished the weekend would have lasted longer than just two days. Hehehe.

Why I Blog

Blogging is becomming interesting these days with lot of features I see even in my daily activities, my mindset and ofcourse $$ won’t be excluded on this list 🙂 . I asked a friend who runs a laundry what has kept him in the business of washing for sometime now, he said “I make money from washing”.

Yeah! He makes money from his service, thats his reason and benefit for rendering the service, and ofcourse every person in any business whatsoever have their reasons and benefits of sticking to their businesses. And here I’ll tell you how blogging has influence and has also been of benefit to me. Hope you’ll love to come along with me? This article isn’t much lenghty, just go get a packet of chips by your side and continue reading hehehe…

Why I Still Blog And I Guess You Should Too

Here below are some reasons why I still blog and would also love you to join me.

My Writing Skill Improved:
Reading and writing frequecy are sure factors that improve one’s writing skill. Being a blogger I’m always reading articles either for my blog promotion or to gain knowledge that I can share on my blog. It is been said by lot of bloggers that if you write frequently, your writing skill improves, yes I agree with that as it seems to be working for me. I won’t say I’m a perfect writer as everyday is a chance of learning.

My Mindset Was Revolutionised:
All my view towards life changed, blogging is the proccess of writing and the process of writing includes recording thoughts on paper, as the saying goes writers are good thinkers.
Blogging filters and sets ones eyes on meaningful things as a blogger I began to go for meaningful things.

I Live A Healthy Life:
Rest and exercise are two common factors that can drive you to a healthy life. I remember when I was still on offline jobs, I had no time for myself, I leave to work in the morning and come back at night no addittional time for rest no additional time for exercise, but now being my own boss I’m free to take a leave whenever I wish either for rest or execise, anyway blogging alone gives me good health. 🙂

It Made Me Social:
Blogging is more of interaction than you think, it could be either through comments, e-mails, or social media, you get to know new people, interact with them, negotiate for businesses and ofcourse help each other. Basically not every person is social originally, but blogging has made me one of the most social person.

I Make Some $$ Blogging:
I’m passionate about blogging probably blogging is begining to turn from just a hobby to a business, blogging pays I must confess, after all my efforts on my blog I’ll just be glad that at the end of the month I can actually smile home with some $$ 🙂 it’s not to be thought of wether you make $50 or $500000 in a year, what I consider is I make money from my hobby.

I’m Problem Solutions:
I have a friend who once owned a tech blog, he was popularly known as 4mular, why? Because he had solutions to gadgets and blog problems on his blog, sometimes some of the tutorials on my blog are answers to questions my blog readers ask me in private. By aswering their questions on my blog, I thereby solve their problems. I guess you’ll love to be a problem solver too?

From seeing the reasons why I blog, I think You too would love to join me in the blogging business. I know there are also bloggers here, I’ll like to know the reason why you blog, please let us know.


  1. Blogging is good, helps you improve in many aspects and above all enrich your pocket.

    As a tech blogger myself, I am PROBLEM SOLVER. And blog personally to solve problems. Of which am very good at, improve my writing skills and at the ends smile to the bank.

    But then it could also feel really good deep down when you look back years latter to count your Achievements over the years.

    Uche Francis
    Techdavids .com

    • Hi Uche,
      It’s good we are in thesame ship 🙂 sure you are a problem solver, I’ve been to your blog couple of times, and I sure agree with you that you are a problem solution.
      Over the year blogging has benn fun to me, lols..
      Thanks for stopping by and happy sunday..

  2. Hey Larry,

    You know blogging is an amazing career to choose.
    There are many part time bloggers because they do like to do it. Its all about your passion.
    Choosing it for your sake is the best thing but teaching other is marvelous.

    • Hi Ravi,
      Welcome to my blog, actually thats the fact, most people don’t know why to blog, they think blogging is all about the money trooping in. Like I said I’m a problem solver, and this was caused by the passion I had.
      Thanks for stopping by, and welcome to my blog.

  3. Hi Larry

    We can say without a doubt that blogging is a win-win situation. If you achieve your blogging goals you become a successful blogger and heaven forbid if you fail even then you become expert of your blogging niche.

    Thanks for mentioning here very true reasons why one must keep blogging and forget about the prompt results; one day he will succeed if he is really blogging from his heart.

    Thanks for sharing this very inspirational post.

  4. Hi Mi Muba,
    It’s great to have you on my blog, I like it where you say blogging is a win win situation, hehehe, by the way above are the reasons why I blog and as I said in the article, just blogging alone makes me happy.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Hi Larry,

    Good to know your reason for blogging, and I think they are all apt 🙂

    Most bloggers blog for money, or eventually that is what they wish for, while a few others take it as a hobby – part time blogging mostly. Those who take it up professionally, usually enter into it full time once they start making good money from it, and then they leave their part time jobs as they earn good enough from their blogs.

    But there are many like me and perhaps a few others who blog because they just love to blog and convey whatever they want to – it’s their passion and a huge way of helping people. For me it’s all about reaching out and connecting with people, being there for them and doing the best possible to uplift them – thus the creation of our little Aha!NOW blog community, where you are a member too now! Yes, a little money if we can earn to sustain ourselves and our blogs – through our blogs, why not? But one doesn’t have to run after money and play it all wrong or just focus on money and forget the rest.

    Besides – look at the wonderful friends you make in the blogosphere through your blogs…my goodness ….I have mostly all my friends online now! And the amount of information you gather, the knowledge you gain by visiting each others blogs, is tremendous. If you can read and write, and have the basic knowledge of the Internet – you must open a blog and discover a whole new world, just like we did 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

  6. Hi Ma’m Herleena,
    It’s awesome you stopped by to drop a comment on my blog. Like I said people blog for reasons best known to them, and there arealot of reasons are there why people blog.

    It great to know that you blog for the passion and I must confess, blogging for the passion you have for it is best, and surely it would automatically turn from just hobby to business.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  7. This is a very known topic and it is always discussed among bloggers. You really highlighted good points about why you blog; Blogging is great and like I always say, its the best way to share your thoughts and ideas. Although many bloggers have their reasons which have been mentioned by Ravi and Harleena, one thing is that Blogging will fit into one’s vision.

  8. Hi Ikechi,
    Welcome to my blog, eigther way, blogging is a good one, alot have been said concerning reasons why they people blog, and as you said, “blogging will fit into one’s vision”.
    Thanks for stopping by on my blog to drop a comment.

  9. Blogging has always be my aim since i was a little boy. I never wanted $$ but to God be the glory, i always 😀 home every month endings. My aim was about improving your mental, physical and educational aspect of life which i am very proud of and it feels good to have a blog which pays off.

  10. Wow! Welcome Moses,
    I never knew you had an eye on blogging ever since you were a kid, beside I never thought or even knew I’ll be a blogger today hehehe.. That’s what fate brought anyway.

    Blogging is sure a good business and I’m so happy that at the end of the month you can smile home with some buck entering your pocket through blogging.
    Thanks for stopping by.
    Have a wonderful day ahead!
    Happy Blogging Time!

  11. Hello Larry,

    Good to be at FlowingTech once again. That was a nice one, i enjoyed reading every bit of it. At the sight of this post, one would wish to venture into blogging without any basic grooming.

    Indeed blogging is actually a nice profession, your above stated points can attest to that.
    Though i’m new to blogging; i must confess that blogging hasn’t been bad during these few weeks.

    I have met lots of wonderful people and was able to improve my writing skills as well. Though i don’t currently earn much from blogging, but the knowledge i was able to tap, owing to blogging, is worth more than $$…[lol]
    However, the money is the motive, just like many other bloggers, i wish to earn a great deal out of blogging. But acquiring the knowledge to doing that is the paramount.

    Your reasons for blogging are so interesting. Thanks for sharing with us.

  12. Hi Chinedu,

    It’s good to know that you are enjoying yourself in thr blogosphere since your emerge, and it’s also good to know that you enjoyed the article.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  13. Hi Larry,

    Nice but, very common topic shared.

    I blog for hobby as well as for money. I spend my free times with blogging and want to earn some bugs too throughout blogging as this is my full time work now.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful topic. Have a lovely weekend!

  14. Hi Nisha,
    It’s great to see you on my blog, hehehe, it’s been plainly said here by you that you blog for money, thats a nice one to know.

    Thanks for stopping by.
    Do have a wonderful da ahead

    • Hello Ambers,
      It’s nice to know that you have alot of active blogs, but I still don’t understand why you don’t feel it’s nice making money from them, though every person is entitled to their own opinions.

      Thanks for stopping by and do have a wonderful day ahead.

  15. I find my writing skills improve too from writing blogs and it really gets you thinking. It’s good for the brain! Thanks for the amazing post today.

    • Hello Melissa,
      Blogging sure elightens the mind, and ofcourse the writing skill of every blogger is improved with the pace of time.

      Thanks for stopping by, and do have a wonderful day ahead.

  16. Nice Article.

    Blogging helps to improve the bloggers writing skill and encourages research.

    Blogger are full of innovations to make their blog the best,most importantly they are problem solvers.

    Nice to be here.

    • Hello Matthew,
      It feels good to see you here on my blog, I’m glad your writing skill too was improved by blogging, and you are a problem solver.
      Same here to blogging has imparted a lot in my live and I owe techribs one.

      Thanks for stopping by, I hope you are having a tour arroung my blog 😀


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