Hello and welcome to TechRibs, It’s just a day to 2016, so we wish you a prosperous new year. You might have been wondering why FlowingTechBlog hasn’t been updated for a while, we actually had some stuffs at hand and this took us out of the tech world for a year, but all the same we are back and this time with a different concept, it’s kind of different domain name, different look, but same Tech Evangelist.

Ehy we moved to techribs

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We are pleased to let you all, our faithful readers know that we have moved from FlowingTechBlog to TechRibs, from now on fresh articles will be delivered, as we have employed new writers here. And remember, your support is what will still keep us going. With joy in my heart I welcome you all to TechRibs.

Perhaps, some people may keep asking me, “Why did you rename FlowingTechBlog to TechRibs”? Some of our fans said they prefer the previous name to the later, but that’s because they’ve gotten used to it and with time you’ll also get used to TechRibs. Some also think I’m crazy for letting go a domain name that is over 3 years, having lot of exposure over the years. But I’ll give you some reason I had to move and believe me, you too will move along with me after reading this.

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Why We Moved From FlowingTechBlog to TechRibs

“FlowingTechBlog” that name looks nothing like a brand to me. Going along with a blog like FTB will kind of make me loss some visitors as the name seems mouthful and lengthy, so not every person will be able to remember it.

You’ll agree with me that TechRibs looks more like a brand compared to FlowingTechBlog.

Like I said, we are kind of re-branding and this time we will have to be more specific on what we write here, so we also use this opportunity to let you know that articles related to blogging may not be posted on this blog again. We will now cover the following areas; gadgets, startups, reviews, specifications, tech news, though with time more categories will be added.

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I believe you will now agree with me to push forward this idea. I will like to hear your opinion and I also will like you to point out whatever you find that isn’t working properly.

I’ll sure be glad if you can take a bit of your time to support us by adding to our fan-base both on facebook, twitter and google+, it’s nothing if you could take your time to read this article. Remember you are the reason we are still here.

Thanks and we hope to see you more often here.


  1. Very well Larry, the new name is much more easier to pronounce and remember, i love your new logo man and i wish you Good luck with the new brand.

    Stay blessed.

  2. Great.

    What a nice move on a great time..

    I wish you well in your tech blog.

    I will always visit to know what’s happening in our technology world..

    Goodluck Son

  3. Hello Larry,

    I believe this was a hard decision for you, moving from FTB to TechRibs. It may not make sense to some of your readers, but eventually they will understand why the re-branding was necessary.

    Your new design and layout is fantastic. Happy 2016! 🙂

    Best Regards,

    Nosagie Nosa-Ero

    • Hey Nosa,
      It’s been a while I saw you on my blog, I think this re-branding has brought you back,.. lol.
      I had to do what was necessary.
      Thanks for stopping by, enjoy 2016 too. 🙂

  4. Good to have you back, a #comeback of a site to rely on for tech tips. To me, the domain name FTB was good, but techribs is even better. I can already imagine all the effort and hard work you guys will have to put in taking techribs to the level FTB was and even surpass that level. Wish you guys all the best and a great new year ahead.

    • Hello Grace, I like it when you say techribs is even better, lol.. I believe we are on track, so we will surpass the level FTB has gained.
      I’m glad to see you here once more, Thanks for stopping by and do have a wonderful day and a prosperous year ahead.

  5. OK, I also believe short domain names is easily remember, that is why I choose techarewa.com for my blog, Happy New Year in advance Larry

  6. I like this name, short and easy to remember, i think it always good for bloggers to consider adding some branding to their blog, all the best.

    • Hello Mubarka,
      It’s never late for any person to rebrand, I realized the power of branding so late, after running my blog for close to 4 years. but the good thing is, I branded and it’s always worth it.
      Thanks for stopping by.


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