I remember recently writing an article where I explained Why A Small Business Needs a Website which turned out to becoming a reference article for most people. Infact, I received lots of complimentary mails for that article and even webdesign deals because of the impact it had on most entrepreneurs. Today, I want to let you know you can step your business a level further than your competitors by adding a blog to your business website.

why every business should have a blog

You might wonder what benefits there are to why your business should be blogging? There are several benefits I recently took cognizance of and I will be sharing with you below.

Why Every Business Website Should Be Blogging

1. Search Engine Optimization Benefits

If there is one thing you should always bear in mind about search engines, it is the fact that they like fresh content. The more you update your blog, the better and often search engine bots crawl your entire business website. Unlike having only a business website with static content, your blog would help your business website rank for several long tail keywords and in turn bring in new traffic and potential customers to your business website.

Not only does it turn in new clients, it also serves as a Green flag to Google, telling them that your business has an edge over your competitors and this would improve your ranking over theirs.

2. Reputation

A business website would definitely boost your business, but do you know that your reputation increases when people notice that you write articles and helpful posts all for free when it comes to your business niche. It helps your clients view you as an authority in your field and this builds the customer relationship you have with them.

3. You Become the First Resource People go to in the Event of a Crisis

When people have trust for you and turn to you when they are in crisis, then you have won the competition among you rivals. This shows that you are an authority in the field, and because of the knowledge you update your customers and potential clients using your business website blog, they won’t even mind paying you have you fix little issues concerning your business matter. This is one thing that worked for me. After writing the article about Why Small Businesses Need A Website, I had some web design proposals which I did and earned some extra bucks off my blog. This wouldn’t have been possible if my I had not had a blog.

4. Social Media Benefits

Blog of course gather higher followings on social media than static website from experience. And you must agree with me that social media is the largest market for whatsoever business you are operating. You stand the chance of getting more leads through social media if you can leverage social media in your business.

5. Low Advertisement Cost

It is a way to advertise your business services at a low cost to new people across the globe. Because of the nature of  traffic you now pull from search engines due to long tail keywords, your services would be made visible to a wider and new audience daily and serves as a means to advertise your business for free.

Your Turn

It is quite easy to Setup A Blog but a little effort is involved when it comes to running it successfully. You can hire a freelancer to help you update your blog at least once weekly for a few dollars. The benefits involved are really huge compared to the little fund you would invest in paying the freelancer for his services. Creating a blog in addition to your business website is one way to boost your business a level above your competitors.

Feel free to contact me for other tips if you encounter any issue or want to have me setup you business blog for you,


  1. Genuine points Oscar.Having a blog is quintessential these days no matter what product you are selling.As you mentioned, blogs give an extra boost to the advertising campaigns.


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