Recently we heard of the release date of the next iPhone by @evleaks and not up to 2 months from now,we will be expecting something new from iPhone.iphone7

It is been rumored around the web that this year’s iPhone will be just an upgrade of the iPhone 6 as Apple is said to be preparing a major design overhaul for the 2017 iPhone model to celebrate its 10-year anniversary. It’s been rumored that there will be no major design change except for the removal of the headphone jack and mute switch.

Countering our recent post on the release date of the iPhone 7, latest news from a German Apple blog claims that this year’s iPhone will be called iPhone 6SE. What this means is that Apple might be adjusting its two-year design cycle to three years, that’s going to really be a long time you know. From our observation, Apple might be planning on making the iPhone 7 fall sometime on 2017, not sure about this though.

So what do you think, iPhone 7 or iPhone 6SE?


  1. I honestly believe that the phone will be Called iPhone 7. The SE was a special model but the ‘S’ and the ‘S Plus’ are models that they have been working with for a while now and I expect them to continue with those models. Though an overhaul of the iPhone is not impossible as sales have been decreasing in recent months. They need a turnaround fast.


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