WordPress is a great content management system (CMS), and if you are planning on putting together a blog or website for your small business, chances are you’re already thinking about WordPress hosting.

And perhaps, you are looking for a WordPress hosting that is super-easy, and the fastest options to host your WordPress blog and get online. Well, you don’t have to search any further, as SeekaHost offers a super-easy control panel that’s so fast that you can host a WordPress blog and get online in less than 60 seconds.

SeekaHost WordPress Blog Hosting control panel is the world’s best tool and the ultimate solution for easy private blog network (PBN) and WordPress blog hosting.

Let’s take you on a virtual tour of the SeekaHost control panel and show you what you can do within this nifty tool and how to easily get your WordPress blog up and running in the shortest possible time!

What Features are Available in the SeekaHost WordPress Hosting Control Panel?

SeekaHost WordPress Blog hosting control panel is the web application that comes inbuilt with your account to give you easy options to host your domain and install WordPress to build your blog or website using the popular content management system.

The control panel contains everything you need to efficiently host your domain, having been tested for over 5 years at the SeekaHost labs for security and speed, so that you can be sure of getting the ultimate control panel ready to host your blogs with 1-Click WordPress installer.

It starts with the simple sign up user interface as can be seen below, and you’ll find the hosting plans available, including the much-talked-about Multiple Unique IP Class Hosting solutions.

And the major features included in SeekaHost WordPress Blog Hosting control panel are as follows:

  • 1-click WordPress installer
  • Domains search and registration
  • Hosting Plans: PBN Hosting, Blog Hosting and WP Hosting
  • Website data tracking
  • Data/Disk usage dashboard
  • Knowledge base
  • 24/7 Customer Support

While the above-listed features are only a few of the available items, with more and more features getting added as they are deemed important and to help users find WP hosting better and easier. As the company had wanted to keep it simple to use and even easier to understand.

PBN Hosting with Multiple IP Hosting for WordPress and also non-IP WordPress Hosting solutions

As a renowned PBN Hosting provider, SeekaHost is proud to say, they are the best PBN Hosting provider in the world, as such, there is no way of rounding up this article without mentioning their unique hosting solutions for private blog networks (PBN).

SeekaHost offers Multiple IP Hosting, which is a special hosting package for PBN to have multiple unique IP addresses, including targeted IPs from several countries. The Multiple IP Hosting plans for PBN have a number of advantages,  with unique IPs and name servers being very crucial to avoid footprints and evading search engine penalties on your money site.

At SeekaHost, you are not only assured of the best PBN hosting services but also get responsive customer support, which is exactly what other web hosting services lack. And you can easily get your WordPress blog up and running in 60 seconds!

Why Should You Give SeekaHost A Try Today?

SeekaHost has been testing the best PBN hosting requirements for the past five years and therefore if you’re looking to build a successful Private Blog Network, SeekaHost has the resources to help you, as the leading PBN hosting provider.

And you’ll get a free trial to test-run the service, with Multiple Unique Class IP addresses with private Name Servers available to make your domain unique and to hide your hosting profile, which ensures that your private blogs are effectively covered to rank better in the search engines and also help your money site. 

What’s more? You also get a free migration of your domains and easy to setup tools to get your started or even get help via the ever-friendly customer support for any technical issue!


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