Writing a good content for your blogs and websites is very helpful in attracting visitors. This is good for your site and for your business. But getting the attention of people to read your site is always difficult due to the reason that readers are picky after they know that there are other websites that gives better articles. So why would they stay if there are other sites to visit? Readers do not have the luxury of reading that much, they only scan and if they do not like your work, they stop reading.

But some web administrators are too stubborn. They keep on using the same writing style even if they know that it is not effective. Are you one of these writers? Know if you are one of them by looking at how these crazy writers create bad articles that push away readers.


Writing Long Boring Articles

Do you feel like there are so many things to say to your audience that is why you bombard them with long paragraphs and compound-complex sentences? Do you honestly think that these will encourage them to read? Well you are wrong! Long paragraphs are boring and also suffocating. Even by looking at it, your audience will already step away. A good way to avoid this is to break long paragraphs with bullets and subheadings. Keeping words simple also helps.

In 1946, George Orwell wrote an essay about “Politics and the English Language.” He notes several reasons why people always create bad writing:

  • Avoid simile, metaphor, or other figure of speech if not necessary.
  • Change long words to simpler ones.
  • If possible to cut long sentences, then cut it.
  • Jargon, scientific terms, or foreign words are not good if there are standard English term for it.

Old habits die hard, so it will be difficult to improve your output easily, but it only needs hard work and practice.

Writing for Yourself, Not the Audience.

If you keep on writing for yourself, then why create a website for the public to see? You write a site because you want people to read it. And they won’t bother visiting your site if you do not write what they want to read. Information Seeking Behavior theory tells that seeking for information is purposive. Meaning people seek data according to a goal, or interest. You have to give people what they want.

You can use Google trends to fix this. Google trends shows the most searched keywords, which you can filter according to category or location. To use this for your benefit, you pick a category related to your website. Look for terms that you want to discuss and see how it fare in Google Trend’s search percentage. Breakout searches have 5,000% increase and you might want to start writing something about it.

Not Using Photos

It is hard to find good, relevant pictures. Plus, there are copyright issues that you have to mind. These are probably some of the reasons why you do not add pictures on your articles. But photos adds color to your website. It attracts readers and engages them too.

A 2012 study made by famous data management company, Curata found out that pages with pictures get 47% click-thru activity compared to pages without pictures. Increase in page activity also means better opportunities for your business or website.

You can obtain pictures through two different ways: 1) stock photos and 2) original photos. If you do not have money to buy, then make your own. Original photos give uniqueness and personality to a site.

You can also use infographics instead of articles. It is attractive and informative too.

Not Giving People Something New

People can use search engines, and see hundreds of websites. So, why do you think they have to choose your site over the others? Competing a reader’s attention is very difficult because they have been given so many options. They look at these options and just pick which they like the most.

Your audience does not have to read the same tips, how-to’s or lists. That is why you have to give them something new and relevant.

You have to learn an important tip from journalists, which is fresh angles. Since news are gathered and published by different reporters, making people to read the same topic becomes hard. That is why they take old topics and write a different approach. On-line, there are no fresh contents, only new angles.

Personal opinion also matters when writing contents. Instead of just getting information from other websites and collating it on your own article, adding your opinion is also helpful. It gives fresh perspective on the topic. Some writers often use the positive side of a story, but how about you take the opposite? It may encourage unfavorable response, but it can also promote healthy discussions- a sure plus point for your site.

Do you do one of the four listed above? Then surely, your website is not gaining any traffic. Online writing is always an interpersonal communication. Web masters share ideas to their audience and their audience leave comments. This is what’s a quality site is supposed to be.

Stop driving your readers away. There is no use keeping a site when you only write for yourself and not for your readers.

I hope you do love this article. Feel free to share on your social media accounts and do not forget to leave your thoughts in the comment box below. Cheers!


  1. Am intrested in writing about technologies. By giving news update to my readers about the latest technologies invented. Please is this a good idea or i should think of something else.


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