Technology is providing us countless of benefits and one of which is to become innovative and creative in every task that we do in school. We all for sure know that tons of paper writing are required to students, Even if they don’t know how to juggle their academic requirements and other activities in their classes, they still make it with the help of technology.

Although the internet world has full of distractions, students can still find a way on how they can maximize the resources on the web to accomplish all their academic workload. If you struggle to complete your writing assignments and beat all your academic deadlines, using modern web-based tools and applications will surely save your time and energy.

Here are some of the best tools that will help you write your assignments and projects efficiently.

1. Freedom


For a distraction free writing, this tool will shut you down from using the internet while crafting your homework. It will lock you out from different social networking sites and email notifications. This will surely boost your creativity and productivity because it kills any forms of online distraction.

2. Thesaurus App


This app makes it easy for you to find synonyms and antonyms of words for your essay assignment. No need to scan pages of a traditional thesaurus book, just type the word and it will give you an immediate result.

3. World Wide Words

This is founded and runs by a British writer and etymologist, Michael Quinion. This site has a wide range of words and phrases about English language. If you want to know more about grammar, writing style, and etymology, you can find useful resources here. It also offers weekly newsletters, ancillary pages, section indexes of articles, reviews, etc.

4. Storybird

This online tool is free and very easy to use. It allows the students to read, craft, and share their stories. This encourage students to fuel their creativeness in writing and enhance more their ideas in story-telling.


Some students prefer asking professional writing help from expert writers and editors especially when they are doing a thesis or comprehensive research papers. To save your time in writing and editing your paper, provides best academic writing services for students and delivers top-quality piece of work.

6. OneWord

This tool will help you in generating ideas and topics for your academic writing. Sometimes, writer’s block strikes you when you least expect it so when you can’t think of a topic to write about, oneword will inspire you to write.

7. Remember The Milk



This application service provider allows you to manage your tasks and time effectively. You don’t have to worry that you might forget your homework and other school projects  because this app will help you organize the things that you need to do and complete.

Do not take your academic writing requirement for granted. Feel free to try and use these tools to help you focus on your task in order to create quality and interesting write-up for school.

What other online tools have you been making use of as a student? Feel free to let us know using the comment section below.


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