Since 11th of June 2015 when we first revealed their picture, it got people talking, the comments increased after other photos were posted by other few selected Bloggers/Attendees who came for the Yudala business meeting of which I represented this blog.
More and more people are now asking, “what exactly is YUDALA?“, how do they plan to do their thing. We’ll definitely answer these questions, and share our personal Experience from the Press Conference we had with YUDALA.

The First Question. What is Yudala?

Yudala is a fresh Start-up in Nigeria that intends to handle the E-commerce business with a very unique approach, different from their rivals, Jumia and Konga.
For the first time ever, Nigerians will experience a consolidated online and retail chain, which will radically transform the shopping landscape in the country and the continent at large.

Yudala - The Next Big eCommerce Thing in Nigeria

Yudala Limited having its Headquarters in Nigeria will carve a niche for itself by being the first organization to combine an online shopping platform with retail stores located in major cities across the country, this means Yudala Limited will run and deliver world class products and services both on their online and offline platforms.

Yudala Limited plans to begin by selling and delivering products that consist of I.C.T, LifeStyle, Healthy-living and will hit the market with the concrete ambition of becoming the market leader in trade and commerce on the continent.
They have a universal language which says Yudala stands for Best wishes, rest of mind and Prosperity.
They are promising these to their customers.

On Yudala…

There would be Platform mix:

While Yudala will launch and run its Online Store, they still will roll out 4 Experience centers and Smart stores in Lagos in the first week of July, while ensuring a nationwide spread in little time with the addition of a new store every other week in major capitals in the country and Africa.
You’ll be able to move out to their experience centers and feel their products before or after you buy them.

At the business meeting, we gathered that the company, Yudala, would start out four Experience and Smart stores in Lagos i.e
The Palms, in Lekki,
Medical Road, Ikeja,
Idowu Martins,
Victoria Island and Gbagada, within the first week of July, while ensuring a nationwide spread.

Yudala company has mandated to launch 150 Stores in the first 18 months of operations, and just to make sure that no regions are left out of the quality experience, they have targeted to open a total of 512 shops in Nigeria’s local government councils within 3 years.


Yudala will focus on the best of ICT Products as well as lifestyle and healthy living goods from the biggest and most renowned brands in the first 6 months before launching other mandates. The company aims to deliver only quality and original products.

Quality Of Service

Couple of questions were asked by us at the business meeting about their efficiency to deal with customers, they revealed they’ll be offering support on warranty as well as out-of-warranty products for customers which no other competitor offers.
On the online platform, the company boasts of a robust technology back-bone, man-power expertise and a two-year test run of its state-of-the-art website designed with state-of-the-art functionality which will offer visitors an interactive, engaging and multimedia user interface.
Furthermore, the platform will offer a suite of customer-friendly payment options including pre-paid and payment-on-delivery choices.

The Founders: Yudala is Established by a team of brilliant and well informed Nigerians and backed by competent investors of highest integrity within and outside the country.

Yudala Founders

The Retail Arm is anchored by Mr. Stanley Uzoechina, a foremost manager and industry expert with years of outstanding experience, Prince Nnamdi Ekeh, serial entrepreneur and online enthusiast will drive the online business, with Tunde Kehinde, one of the founding CEOs of Jumia Nigeria functioning as a non-executive Director.
Yudala unveils that it won’t just be all about retail business but will also focus on wealth creation for the majority of Nigerians as they plan to employ about 50,000 Nigerians into their platforms.


  1. Nice one.I admire smart people with creative business ideas that solves problem and most importantly, takes hold of an opportunity. Yudala Kudos!


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