I’m sure you’ll love to give your Chrome browser a new look. In this post, I’ll show you some cool Chrome themes that I’ll sure you’ll have to choose from. Google Chrome is one of the world most used web browsers, and so swift in terms of customization. I’ll drop a list of 10 Chrome themes  for you to make a choice out of.Google Chrome Themes

Themes for Google Chrome browser

  1. Blue / Green Cubestheme_bluegreen-400x250

I bet you that you will love this theme if you are a fan of  patterned themes. This theme has a patterned design which consists of blue and green oriented cubes.

Get Blue/Green Cubes Here

  1. Batman Designtheme_batman-400x250

This is for sure a good one for Batman lovers, I used to love Batman as a kid, if you are like me, you can go for this. This theme is a Batman inspired background theme with dark greenish tone.

Get Batman Design Here

  1. Black Carbon + Silver Metaltheme_blackcarbon-400x250

Awesome elements. It’s yet another minimalist theme, black and well designed with beautiful metallic touch to fit the tabs bar and address bar. Looking for something simple and great, then go for this one.

Get Black carbon + Silver Metal Here

  1. Doinktheme_doink-400x250

The Doink Chrome theme is a mouthwatering theme with floral background design, and has its tabs designed with flowers. This design’s light colors makes it fit in for even your office, so you can use this theme in your office computer.

Get Doink Here

  1. Polythemetheme_polytheme-400x250

We have now come across another minimalist theme made in purple color and with a polygons is a sign nobility, luxury, power, ambition and even more, so if you are in love with purple, you are in luck. A wide variety of shade of purple color is been offered by this theme.

Get Polytheme Here

  1. Carla Zampattitheme_carla-400x250

This theme is a well-designed theme that features a black and white fashionable stripes running across the screen in an abstract pattern. For those who do not know yet, Carla Zampatti is the most influential fashion designer from Australia, so you see, this theme should indeed be one of the most fashionable ones you can see around.

Get Carla Zampatti Here

  1. Citrus Cranestheme_citrus-400x250

This theme features a khaki paper cranes colored background and is beautified with orange and lime. You have variable green and orange tool bars color. The color combination of the Citrus_Cranes is awesome and hope you’ll like it.

Get Citrus_Cranes Here

  1. Google Now Themetheme_google-400x250

This theme has resemblance in background with the Google Now, in fact, it’s inspired from the Google Now Launcher, and features solid gray colored tool bars. You can see a background wide variety of colors on the screen.

Get Google Now theme Here

  1. Grasstheme_grass-400x250

A complete nature lovers choice, this theme features a background with grass photos representing nature and a green colored toolbar and tabs bar to fit in with the grass background

Get Grass Here

  1. Colorstheme_colors-400x250

This theme is a definition of color, as it is well decorated with colors, it features colorful splashes in the background. This is a right choice for artistic lovers.

Get Colors Here


This is what we have for you in the Top 10 Chrome Themes series, what do you think of it? Remember, we did not include themes that feature background associated with a place or game, or any particular brand. Reason is because, we are making this list to be of interest to a wide and even wider audience.

You can let us know the theme you are using on your chrome browser, and also remember that you can get a whole lot of themes from Chrome Web Store.


  1. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful themes. I am using a personalized theme with my own image on the browser. It looks cool for my homepage.

  2. Wow never knew such exist. Guess I hadnt had the time to explore chrome. Each I open it, its grooving all the way.

    Thanks for this!


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