There will always be an opportunity to expand your knowledge and in this generation, information is everywhere you look. In this article, I have decent mobile and web learning applications to aid you to chase knowledge the way it should be chased. Check them out in our list of Best Learning Apps For Your Phone:

1. Duolingo

Learning Apps For Your PhoneThis app is amazing for learning. It possesses more than 12 languages plus a few fictional ones for your entertainment. Every language has its unique topics of conversation, with every topic displaying brief exercises for users. Every user will get about 1 to 5 “lingots” of app currency daily that can be used to set threshold, and it can be spent on power-ups and fun accessories.

2. TED

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Other educational applications teach the basics of knowledge but this app exposes you to amazing ideas that will improve your knowledge about the world you live in. Every TED talk comes as a spoken presentation from leaders in several fields. These content can be gotten on YouTube too but the app comes with decent features like downloading clips for offline viewing and locking your phone without disrupting playback.

3. Codeacademy

Learning Apps For Your PhoneIf you fancy any aspect of PCs, this is a platform to get the knowledge you want. This app comes with lessons that aid you to grab skills on one concept at a time. The app possesses code editors and interactive consoles so you do not have to exit the app or install any software. Courses will be displayed based on the type of projects you wish to tackle and you do not have to be a programming language guru. Its iOS and Android applications are accessible by premium subscribers.

4. Memrise

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If you felt memes teach nothing, you are wrong. With the app, students will be able to harness the joint power of the app’s users by utilizing eme-like mnemonic devices designed to help you. As you learn fresh words and phrases, you will be able to write a brief association that can be used as a memory device.

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If you cannot remember any, you can select from the ones submitted by other users. As you think about mnemonics, you build your confidence and vocabulary in fresh languages with associations that are natural to you.

5. Khan Academy

This is a different application that provides courses on several subjects. This is not like other platforms though, because it offers a more personal one-on-one style instead of a recorded lesson. The app focuses on diagrams and visual aids, depending on a type of digital drawing board to accommodate other learning styles. It is totally free.

6. edX

Learning Apps For Your Phone

This app offers free access to real university courses, and they are taught by real professors in some top schools in America. The teachings are done through a video. The courses are free too but users are allowed to part with cash for certification that will count as college credit. Science and tech subjects are covered here and you can expect a few quizzes here and there.

7. Tinycards

This is a fresh project from the team that came up with Duolingo. It provides an app store-like menu of flashcard decks to select from and allows users to select the perfect deck to suit their studies from the ones submitted by co-students.

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Topics are mostly languages, periodic table elements and so on. This app simplifies the creation of your personal flashcards for your needs.

8. Brilliant

Learning Apps For Your Phone

If you are the type of student who loves learning via firsthand practice, this is precisely what you are searching for. It focuses on several science and math subjects via hands-on problem-solving.

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The app concentrates on brief descriptions of concepts to learn and a problem to solve which is achieved using those concepts. This app lets you use your learning experience according to what you intend to get out of it.


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This is an educational app that will let you know what’s up in one of the most interesting fields of scientific study. It reveals articles and clips to lecture you on the basics of astronomy and concentrates on offering users a look at the most recent developments from NASA’s work. You will learn stuff about NASA’s latest missions with this app.

10. MATH 42

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Still on the topic of best learning apps for your phone, MATH 42, is another learning app you should consider checking out. This app helps your math skills. Its main functionality allows you to type in math problems then aid you to solve them. It will show you the steps you will take to arrive at your final solution as well. There are various math tools present in it, including a calculator and graphing tools for solving equations.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best learning apps for your Phone. If you have other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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