From time immemorial, wine has been an important part of our lives. They are used to complement our food, drank casually, used as gifts and generally used during the celebration. They are people who specialize in wines, knowing all the nitty-gritty. But if you are like me, and do not know much about wine, but desires to the best, a wine app on for your device will certainly come in handy. In this article, we explore a comprehensive list of the best wine apps. Some of the apps featured in this article are available on both iOS and Android platforms. Apps featured on this list, are as follows:

1. Vivino

Best Wine AppsThis is a wine application that aids the scanning of wine labels and offers details about that wine like its user and expert ratings, price, features, and the closest store where it can be purchased and ordered straight from your mobile device. This application is a personal wine guide for those that just started enjoying good wine. Seen as the most popular wine label-scanning app, it also has a huge worldwide community to back it up, with more than 34 million users and counting. This application even offers lots of information about wine regions, wine & food pairings, grape varieties and lets you buy wine according to your taste.

2. Decanter Know Your Wine

Best Wine Apps

It offers you how to have more knowledge about wine, it is also great for whoever is about to take wine examinations. It is no quiz application and it is focused on learning a thing or two about wine. Short lessons are shown to you to break the thing down nicely.

Finish the program and your knowledge of wine will be remarkable. It comes with quizzes too. You can download it for free and you get more than ten free modules in it.

3. Cellar Tracker

Best Wine AppsThis is a very useful app that possesses a scanning feature plus reviews and tasting comments. It allows you to know what other consumers feel about the wines you have chosen. It collects stories from persons that love wine and it works on iOS devices. The application lets you read and write wine reviews, read more than 7.9 million tasting comments and allows you to join a large community to air your view as well. You can even search for a wine by snapping a pic of the label. Barcodes can also be scanned.

4. VinoCell

Best Wine Apps

This app is one you need to pay for, sadly. It is a detailed application that allows for the management of your wine list. VinoCell also helps to graphically reveal your cellar, to record your tastings and pro ratings. It is a great app for those that are just starting out, but experts can do things with it too.

It comes with about fifty different descriptors, allows text search into one million internal wine database and even adds your wine manually in a very rapid manner. Tasting notes can even be managed with it.

5. Delectable

If you come across a great wine and you want more information about it, simply scan its label with this app. It will disclose all there is to know about the wine. You will be shown its ratings and descriptions. This app also monitors your favorites and allows you to follow the popular winemakers across the globe.

6. Pocket Wine Pairing

This is a free application that grants you access to the comprehensive food pairing features in it. It displays several various wine styles, grape varieties, and blends. There is also a Do’s & Don’ts section that you can equip yourself with and massive info that aids to discover unique wine pairings. It comes with a section named “My Wines,” and this is where you can include images or details of wines you love and even get them added into your cellar.

7. Local wine events

If there is a wine exhibition in your location, this application will let you know. It provides information on huge and little wine events. It could be the best app for wine events. You can easily locate wine & food events happening close to you, explore events in other areas as you move, find out about exclusive wine & food getaways. You will be aware of upcoming events as well. Sharing events via your mail and social media is aided too.

8. Living Wine Labels

Still on the topic of best wine apps. This application helps in bringing wine labels to life and allows you to know the story behind a wine from your mobile device. You can begin by scanning an AR-enabled label to view its story unfold. The application can be shared with your friends and you can get it updated as often as possible to explore fresh experiences.

9. Useful Expert Rating ApplicationsImage result for Useful Expert Rating Applications  app

There are lots of wine rating applications from international experts and publications, that mostly let you check out their scores and tasting notes since you are a subscriber. The reviews are very handy and the experts sharing ratings could aid you to be more informed.

10. Wine-Searcher

If you aim to compare wine prices or market prices for certain wines, this is the app to go for. It is a search engine for wines, and it provides price information of about several million wine offers, plus aids you to check for worldwide availability of your preferred wine. The label recognition can be utilized to locate the best location to make purchases from. It is available on the App Store and Play Store.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of best wine apps. If you have other recommendations or favorites, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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