It is an obvious fact today that majority of the internet users access the web via there mobile phones, though most websites are not suitable for mobile phones and this has made them lose a lot of organic traffic in recent times.

Won’t it be considered a nice idea to optimize your website for mobile phones and smartphones? Without a good mobile version of your website or blog, you might lose your traffic even if you’ve got good content. I’ll use this article to give you the top 10 tools that can help you build a mobile version of your website without you having to gain any coding, web design or programming knowledge.

Top 10 Tools To Create Mobile Site Of Your Website

1. MosFuse

It’s very easy to use and also one of the most popular mobile website builders around. It cost about $7.95 and above to run your websites mobile version with them as at the time of post. It also has a very user-friendly interface to keep engagement on your site.

Get Mofuse Here (from $7.95/month

2. Mobilize By Mippin

For the bloggers using the WordPress blogging platform, Mobilize is a great WordPress plugin that redirects your mobile traffic to your websites mobile version. It’s awesome, isn’t it?

Just by installing the plugin, you can manage your mobile traffic, and the good thing here is “Google loves it”.

Get Mobilize by Mippin (free) 


This is a free mobile site builder that uses your RSS to create your mobile website or blog. You can earn by placing adverts using this mobile site builder, Simply put, it mobilizes RSS driven sites. It is easy to use and also user-friendly. This will be of help in removing that your heavy PC version of the site on mobile

Get MIPPIN (free) 

4. Wirenode

Another great mobile site builder that optimizes your blog for smartphones and mobile traffic. You can even use a custom domain on the wirenode mobile platform. Wow! That’s awesome, I can see you are already glued to it.

 Get Wirenode (free) :

5. 2ergo

A mobile site optimizer and builder that creates quick loading and fantastic mobile sites. You do not need to know coding to use it, nor do you need to be a WordPress guru. It is user-friendly, easily understandable and has great features that will get your mouth wet.

Get 2ergo here 


It lets you build a mobile site quickly and easily. It has lots of functions which you should find out for yourself. Yes, I said find yourself because it’s surely going to be awesome exploring some of those features yourself. Trust me it’s great. (free) 

7. Winlsite

A mobile site builder that has features such as chat, forums and polls, a great free tool. BOOM! I love this one. All the listed features accompany this awesome mobile site builder and you don’t wanna miss it, do you?

 Get Winlsite (free) 

8. MobileSiteGalore

Functions such as phonebook, click-to-call, google search and links to PayPal are added on this mobile builder. Meaning you can add almost anything to your mobile site using it. Remember, “the big G” loves mobile-friendly sites, making this one the one for you.

 Get MobiSiteGalore (starts at $7.99) 

9. Ready Mobi 

You can’t build a mobile site with this, but they would help you with free reports on how to mobilize your website. It’s even better because when you have a guide, it becomes, even more, easier, or doesn’t it? well, this is a good pick anyway.

Get Ready Mobi

10. Google Mobile-Friendy Tester

 With this tool, you are able to check how friendly your mobile is. Google has made a free tool for that. So it is advisable to use this tool after you have integrated any of the above-listed tools.

Get Google Mobile-Friendly Tester (free)

Have you created the mobile version of your website or blog at once? feel free to let us know which mobile site optimizer or builder you made use of using the comment box below. By the way, do not hesitate to make your website mobile friendly as this is one of the things google now considers to rank websites in SERP.



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