You can tag this post with whatever you love such as 10 reasons why I love wordpress or whatever, it’s still all the same. There are several reasons why I love wordpress blogging platform. I have used blogger for quite some years and there are reasons why you should choose / love blogger, but when it comes to wordpress, it’s another goldmine. It’s got lots of stuff you really would enjoy, and that’s what I would like to let you know about with this post. Just read on….

why I love wordpress

10 Reasons why I love WordPress

1. Easy to Install: It is quite easy to set up and install wordpress. You might be wondering how to install wordpress, but it won’t take you more than 5 minutes to install this CMS on your server.

2. WordPress is free: It is a free blogging platform and does not incure hidden charges during your usage except for webhosting package.

3. Customizing your looks: You can easily customize the looks of a wordpress blog because there are lots of free WordPress Themes out there to choose from and make your blog look distinctive. If you have a basic knowledge of PHP, HTML and CSS, you can easily modify a theme to a custom and wonderful one for yourself.

4. Free Plugins: There are over 10,000 free plugins out there to use with your wordpress blog, and the best of it all is that these plugins can all be installed for free.

5. Language: It doesn’t matter the language you speak, wordpress software is available in about 50 languages, and there are also plugins which can convert your wordpress blog into whatever language you desire.

6. Scheduled Posts: In wordpress, you can write, save and schedule posts for a particular date. I once did this for about 2 week. I made 14 posts, and scheduled them for 2 weeks and I never had to do any stuff, everything was automated and my site was updated. Isn’t this a cool stuff?

7. Blog Authors: You can setup as many authors as you wish in wordpress who could help you in guest posting just like the blogger platform offers.

8. SEO friendly benefits: There are lots of SEO benefits of using the wordpress platforms. There are plugins that help you create a sitemap that enable search engine bots crawl your site efficiently, there is an plugin known as All in One SEO plugin which helps create different meta tags for each post. And lots more SEO benefits like PINGING to enjoy on wordpress.

9. Pages: Just like blogger you can create pages, but the pros of wordpress pages over blogger is that you are allowed to create only 10 standalone pages on blogger while wordpress has the ability to create an unlimited number of standalone pages.

10. Huge Developer Community: WordPress has a huge developer community where new patches, security plugins and help can be gotten. That’s to let you know that you are not alone. There are thousands of other wordpress users just like you.

With these 10 reasons why I would stick to wordpress out a hundreds, I believe you too would see reasons to make use of this free CMS. Tell us other reasons why you do love wordpress using the comment box below.


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