Lots of people complain daily that the batteries of their smartphones do not last long enough for usage. Therefore, I decided to write out some few steps that can help you extend your cell or mobile phones battery life.

tips to extend mobile phones battery life

1. Switch off the vibrate function of your cellphones, always use ringtones only.

2. Reduce the brightness of your mobile phones backlight to the lowest.

3. Make short time calls.

4. Always turn off your bluetooth.

5. Always turn off features like Infrared, WIFI, WLAN and GPS.

6. Stop searching for signals.

7. Activate GSM instead of 3G mode in your mobile phone.

8. Avoid using Animation images as wallpapers.

9. Use black background themes.

10. Most of all, switch off your mobile phones when not in use

Hope this tips where helpful.



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