This are handy SEO practices and tips that could help bloggers and other wapmasters get significant amount of decent traffic to your blogs.

10 ways to get traffic

10 ways to get Traffic to your Blog

1. Create link clusters within your blog. Let’s say you have a post that has ranked for “free browsing”. Edit 10 of your other posts on your blog to create links (using ‘free browsing’ as the anchor text) to the ‘free browsing’ post and you will surely see a good move up in Google for that keyword.

2. Watch your stats, you can often identify posts that get search traffic from a keyword, even though the keyword isn’t listed in the HTML title of the post. By editing your posts’ HTML titles to add the keywords they cover, you can strengthen the rankings and therefore the traffic that the post generates. You can easily make a difference with this method in less than 20 minutes.

3. Invite your readers to connect with you on StumbleUpon, Twitter Facebook.

4. Make your best posts on days of the week you think you can grab peoples attention. I mean when people are free. Let’s say like saturday or sundays.

5. Try Editing your Post titles to be more of search terms.

6. Start writing to giving solutions to peoples problems and not stories of your life. This is very important.

7. Make sure you read articles from blogs of same genre and niche so as to keep you informed. Do not copy.

8. Try and be partners with big sites in your niche and also make guest posts for them.

9. Learn to create captivating titles. Maybe you could learn from the way titles are given in the magazines.

10. Make sure answer your emails regularly.

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  1. Great info there. I have been blogging for almost 7 years now and have never really thought about all the points you mentioned there. Link clusters is something interesting and i need to work on that.

    • Wow Philip,
      You’ve been logging for 7 years? That’s cool, I’m just 4 years in blogging and i’m delighted you found somthing interesting in my article.

      Thanks for dropping your comments, expecting more as we connect.

  2. Hello Oscar !

    Building relationships with blogger in the same niche is very important . It can drive up so much traffic that we cant even imagine .
    Relationships can be used to guest post on their blog and also your comments get approved quickly .

    This drives awesome amount of traffic

    Nice post man ! Loved reading it !

    Happy Blogging !


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