I can’t tell you that your wordpress blog can be 100% secured, but here are some surefire ways you can improve the security of your wordpress blog in order to avoid h4ckers from compromising your wordpress blog. I would be listing out 10 ways to keep your wordpress blog out of their reach and secured.

10 ways to improve your wordpress blog security

10 ways to secure a WordPress blog

  1. Keep your WordPress and Plugins updated to the latest version available.
  2. Password protect you wp-admin directory in your File Manager.
  3. If you allow people to set up account on your blog, then set email confirmation in order to spot out bots.
  4. Use Bullet Proof WordPress Plugin in order to help protect browser based hack attempts.
  5. Use secure contact forms. You can make a Google search of nice and secured wordpress contact forms.
  6. Choose the right webhost.
  7. In cases where you run a sales blog, make sure you choose a safe Payment processor
  8. Make sure you keep regular backups of your wordpress blog.
  9. Guard your blog against Brute Force. A plugin such as Limit Login Attempts can be very useful for this.
  10. And finally, stay vigilant, make researches about securing your wordpress blog

And that’s it. It would successfully improve the security of your WordPress Blog. You can tell us other ways known to you by using the comment box below.



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