With the recent updates always done by the Big G (Panda and Pengium updates), most bloggers would always complain of loosing their places and ranking in search engines on their keywords. Google does not just penalize any blog for no reason, their is more to Google penalties on blogs than you just know.

I would be outlining various reasons why Google would penalize a blog and with this article, you would be able to avoid the Google Updates from penalizing and causing your blog to loosing its keyword ranking in Google Search engine.

reasons google would penalize your blog

Why Google Would Penalize Your Blog

Here are 20 reasons why Google penalize blog out-rightly which you must avoid.

Reason #1: Too Many Links in a Short Time
We sure believe that the more the backlinks (quality ones), the better for your SEO. But if you build links by paying for links and gain it too fast, it can attract a penalty by Google. Even building genuine links too quickly and not naturally can also attract such a penalty.

Reason #2: Links in Unrelated Language
If you have a lot of backlink from blogs with languages which is not same as yours, better start a task of removing them all. Google would give you a ban if you run an English blog and get lots of backlinks from Chinese or Russian blogs.

Reason #3: Lots of Link Exchange
If Google noticed that there are lots of link exchange between you and lots of blogs out there, it can be easily be noticed by Google and cause your blog to be penalized.

Reason #4: Cheap Paid Links from Penalized sites
There are lots of cheap link building services out there, most of the websites they use for there link building services have been penalized by Google, and as long as you’ve been linked from them, Google also passes the penalty down to your blog.

Reason #5: Same Anchor Text
While building backlinks, it is necessary to use long tail and different keywords as your anchor text. Using the same keyword, for instance using only “Blogging Tips” wherever you place a link can cause Google to see your links as been automated or been placed by bots and can cause a ban from Google.

Reason #6: Broken Links
Let’s say you changed your blogs permalinks and as a result causes lots of broken link, if noticed by Google (which would definitely occur) would cause a drastic drop in your search engine rankings.

Reason #7: Too Many External links or No Out-going Link
A blog with too many external links can pose a threat to your blog. And more not having any outgoing link, or giving all external links to your blog a “Nofollow” rel tag attribute poses high penalty threat to your blog.

Reason #8: Duplicate or Scrapped Content
Google really hates this one. Having duplicate contents on your blog would leave the Big G with no other option than to ban your blog from their search results.

Reason #9: Low Quality Content
A blog with low quality posts, which can be over stuffed keywords can cause a blog to be penalized from Google search. Moderate usage of keywords is the key to avoid this.

Reason #10: Copied Content
Copy pasting contents from other blogs is a fast and sure way to loose your blog search engine rankings as Google would detect who made the post first.

Reason #11: Spelling Mistakes
A blog with lots of spelling mistakes can cause you to loose rankings. It sure would. Moreover, people who make searches with misspelled keywords, so you are more likely not to get traffic from search engines even without a penalty been placed on your blog.

Reason #12: Lots of Ads
Placing lots of adverts on your blog can land your blog in trouble. Join a few ad networks and place adverts moderately.

Reason #13: Making Posts on Blackhat SEO
If you are always making blog posts on how to use Black Hat SEO to succeed on your search ranking, then you are in for trouble with Google.

Reason #14: Using Black Hat SEO Methods
Google always updates its Algorithm. As soon as they notice you’ve been using this Black Hat SEO methods, you would definitely get a ban from Google.

Reason #15: Using Multiple H1 Tags
In every blog post, it is expected to have only one h1 tag, all others should be h2, h3 tags. And normally the blog title should have h1 tags, so you should only play with the h2 and h3 tags if you don’t wish to receive a ban.

Reason #16: Keyword Stuffing
Stuffing a blog posts with lots of same keyword is a bad SEO practice. It can also cause a ban. Use your keywords moderately.

Reason #17: Website Downtime
If it is noticed that your blog is often having downtime, it is a quick reason they would immediately remove you from your position in rankings as you would be considered not a serious blogger.

Reason #18: Malware Infected Site
Once your blog has been noted to have malware in its pages, Google penalizes your blog as they would not want to offer malicious content to their users. Try as much as possible to eliminate your web server of malwares. Some webhosting companies offer free Antivirus scanners.

Reason #19: Hacked Websites
If it is noticed that your website has been hacked. Google would place your website in a blacklist and remove your indexed pages from their Search Engines.

Reason #20: On-Site Over Optimization
Keeping everything to the minimal (or moderate) is a key to success, do a moderate on page SEO. Over SEO can cause you harm. An example is the excessive use of h1 tags.

Now you know the various reasons why Google would penalize your blog and the various tips you need on how to avoid Google penalties.
Feel free to let us know other reasons Google penalizes a website or blog using the comment box below.


  1. thanks bro, but what do you mean by ‘giving all external links to your blog a “Nofollow” rel tag attribute poses high penalty threat to your blog.’ i cannot understand this? plz explain.

    • There are two types of link tags. A Dofollow and Nofollow, Dofollow links pass page authority and search engine bots to the link from the original page, while nofollow tags ask search engine crawlers to ignore the link and thus they don’t pass authority. Hope you get the difference. Now, doing any to the extreme isn’t such a good idea for SEO.

  2. Oh nice post.. OScar but what of the blog has been hacked once and later retrive will the blog still be penalized by Google?


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