Fiverr is quite an awesome source of revenue online, even if you do not want to venture into blogging. You can render lots of services at that same cheap rate, and if you are good at what you do, you’ll definitely get a ton of gigs bought from you and in turn increase your earnings.

21 ways to make money on fiverr

For those who don’t know what fiverr is, let me explain a little about it.

Fiverr is a global online marketplace started in 2009, where users offer tasks and services for just $5. You can register on fiverr, render services to others and they pay you for the service you render. Although their is a fee of $1 which fiverr website would charge you for providing the platform for the buyer and seller to meet.

In this post, i’ll give you a list of 21 services you can offer on fiverr and make a living off it. These are great easy services anyone can achieve and they are great to try out.

21 Services To Render On Fiverr

  1. Transcribing Audio Files or Video Files
  2. Proofreading & Editing a Typed  Document
  3. Write Articles and Contents for Blogs and Websites
  4. Design eBook Covers
  5. Do Virtual Assistant Work
  6. Write Ad Copy
  7. Do Social Marketing
  8. Distribute Flyers
  9. Make Greeting Cards
  10. Create Recycled Crafts
  11. Make Video Greeting Cards
  12. Translate Text into Different Languages
  13. Make and Sell Handmade Jewelry
  14. Design Logos or Business Cards
  15. Draw Cartoons
  16. Offer Help with WordPress Websites
  17. Create Website Landing Pages
  18. Produce Sound Effects
  19. Teach Music Lessons
  20. Provide Weight Loss or Workout Plans
  21. Answer Dog Training Questions

These services listed above are the hottest selling gigs on fiverr, rendering such services would get enough money back for you on this platform.

Fell free to let us know using our comment box other services you offer on fiverr that earn you a great deal.


  1. @frank, making money from fiverr is real if u have the skills to render services to those in need of ur skills. Thanks for sharing this cool article.

  2. osca can u please teach me how to do one of the 21 services to make money on fiverr? please help me i”m new to fiverr and those 21 ways PLEASE YOUR HELP. my mail is …


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