It’s a new week today here in Lagos, and I thought to share a little make money online tips with you via this subject matter I have entitled, “6 Prominent Ways to Monetize A Technology Blog in Nigeria”.

So, you’ve just created a Technology blog and you seriously are looking for methods and ways to monetize that blog. Worry no more, because I have got you covered in today’s post.

Okay wait…do you already drive crazy traffic and are looking for better ways, aside Google Adsense, to increase your revenue?

You should not worry yourself more than you have already done. I also have the right ingredients to sauce up your money making strategies and online with you really start making money online with your tech blog.

Here, Six Prominent Ways to Monetize A Technology Blog in Nigeria:

 Ways to Monetize A Technology Blog

1: Post As Often As You Can

You might be wondering how or what posting frequently as to do with monetizing your tech blog, but contrary to popular belief, the more the content on your blog, the more your chances of driving more blog traffic, which would eventually help explode your monthly revenue.

And I am of the opinion that the buck of the things that make online marketing work in the first place is CONTENT and if anyone is going to succeed online as to live the internet lifestyle then they must be willing to put in a truckload of work to create and develop powerful content week-in and week-out.

Search Engines are another powerful factor you will need to seriously consider and factor into your content strategy. The more content you pump into your blog, the more Google’s Bots crawls and updates it Search Engine about your contents.

Remember, monetizing your tech blog is solely dependent on the large number of blog traffic you are able to amass daily. weekly or even monthly.

And if you are able to rank your blog and her content on the first page of Google’s SERPs, then you can be sure to skyrocket your blog’s traffic and really get to improve your blog’s chances of making crazy money online!

2: Promote your blog like crazy!

Still on pulling traffic to your blog.

Well, like it or not, you will never be able to make a dime online if your blog is not getting a substantial amount of blog traffic daily and monthly.

The reason is simple: traffic is the lifeblood of every successful blog, and you want to be driving a lot of website traffic if at all you were to make a kill of a money online.

A friend said to me once, “Sam, even if your blog blows the competition out of the water by virtue of your powerful content, it would be of no use to you unless you have a good amount of folks reading your blog daily.”

That my friend was right, and I have not stop thanking him every time I catch him on his favorite Social Media Network.

Now listen to my advice, and I seriously hope that you would make the bests of of it. As soon as you have built a solid foundation of strong and valuable blog content, you should start to promote and virally market your blog on different social media and social bookmarking networks.

You should source for different means and channels of  promoting and marketing your blog. This should take nothing less than 2-3hrs every day.

3: Sell information products

Information products is one, if not the best way to monetize a tech blog and start making cool money online.

Albeit, not too many people know this fact. While some know, they feel it is too much work, but it really is simple if you do know your way around the strategy.

Information products can be anything from PDF course, online course, CD/DVD informational or tutorial courses, a bunch of software and pretty much anything you could conjure up and that has a marketing value.

In order to achieve a good amount of success in your business of selling information courses online, you have got to be willing to study the ropes – know what the demand of a product is/are before going out to create such a product(s).

Creating an information product and selling it is not hard as much as some people think it to be. Trust me!

You can simply look at your archive an fetch out some of your past works, that is, content and re-purpose them for the particular product you are trying to create.

So, for instance, if I was to start a podcast and sell the podcast shows to my target audience (people trying to start a successful online business), I only need to do a call-back (if you are a programmer, you should already know what I meant by call-back) on some of my most popular and powerful content, and simply record them as podcast shows. Then after that, I will just package them together in just one DVD and sell them. I could even write a book, do a video, and up-sell them if I want.

Yes, as simple as that! ๐Ÿ™‚

4: Sell Advertising Space

I bet you’ve heard about the blogging Queen Mother in Nigeria.

Have you not?

Well, I have to admit the fact that Madam Linda Ikeji is the Queen Mother of all naija bloggers, and the reason for my acceptance is simple and cannot be overemphasized.

While I am not a fan of hers or even her blog, the iron-lady do know her onions well and makes crazy money from doing this thing she has truly grown to love.

You already know she amasses a lot of daily traffic to her blog as a result of her controversial and conversational approach to blogging.

And her being wise, has learned to monetize her blog traffic by simply creating and selling advertising space and blocks on her very cramped website.

All you simply need to do is create different ad spaces and sell them to your audience or any local business from your locale.

Example of banners are:

Header banners >> 728 x 90px
Side banners >> 300 x 250px, 250 x 250px
Widespread >> 120 x 600px
Article In-line banners >> 300 x 250px, 250 x 250px
Themes banners >> This simply covers your theme’s background. Check Linda’s blog for example.
Text ads links >> They are simply text based ads

These ads spaces can be put up for a month or a stipulated time period agreed upon between you and your client to whom you help serve their ads to your blog readers.

If you’ve got a relatively new blog which amasses a reasonable amount of traffic, you can simply charge between 6k/month or 12k/2months, and you’d be on your way to start living the internet lifestyle.

However, as your blog site begins to grow more in traffic, you can then optimize and refine your charges for each of your ads spaces.

5: Google Adsense

This had to come last because it really doesn’t hold for you a commercial value if you don’t already drive crazy traffic on your blog pages.

In fact, Google will not approve your application if they find out your blog is not getting substantial amount of traffic, say between 100 and 1000 unique daily visits per day.

That’s why I had to hammer on promoting and driving a huge amount of traffic in the first and second points above.

But as soon as you get approved to serve Google Adsense codes on your blog, you are good to go and you can be sure to start making from $10 and $50 every single day, but that of course is dependent on how huge your traffic is and how high your CPC and CTR are.

I make use of this one on my blog and I make a good amount of money every month. Monies that have actually helped pay my bills every single months of the year!

Final Thoughts.

Growing a technology blog requires lot of hard work and you have to write lot of useful articles. Just keep the visitors in mind and help them with useful information every time. This way, your tech blog grows naturally gaining search engines authority as well as people love to come back again.

  • More important, be focused on the topic and donโ€™t write about everything โ€“ pick 1 or 2 product/markets and focus only on them. Diversify your blog income and go beyond Adsense/PPC ads.

Do you own a tech blog? Do you write about everything TECH or you write more focused CONTENTS? How do you make money? Please do share these things with me via the comment box below. Thanks!

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