AndroidLike I used to say, Android OS being the world most used Operation System has a lot to compliment it. There’s more to the android OS than you can Imagine, today, I’ll be giving you three things you can do with your android phone that are really cool, you might not know.

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3 Cool Things You Can Do ON Your Android Phone

Connect a USB Flash Drive to Your Android Phone

Android phones generally have a Micro USB port used for charging the phones and transferring file to and from your PC. This port can be used as a normal USB port with the help of a USB On The GO (OTG) adapter. This serves as an adapter that allows you connect external hard disks to your android phone such as flash drive and card readers.
This means you can transfer your files from your flash drive to your Android phone without using a computer.

Connect and Use a Wireless Mouse to Your Android Phone

This also works with the help of the same (OTG) adapter that we mentioned above. You can connect your wireless mouse to it, then use the mouse to navigate through the phone. Your Android phone can provide enough power for a 2.4GHz wired or wireless mouse. With this, a keyboard can also be connected to your phone, but, you would have to route your connection through a powered USB hub.

For those writers or bloggers who write a lot and still are not able to provide a PC for themselves, this feature got you.

Undervolting Your Android Phone for Longer Battery Life

You really want a device that isn’t battery consuming, Android devices got it. In some cases, one can purchase a stronger battery for is device if they feel their batteries don’t stay long enough. But in cases where batteries and sealed and are non-removable, what should be the case?

Here Android devices allow you to enhance the battery life of your phone, simply by adjusting the CPU frequency and voltage. This process can add an extra hour to your battery life span, but your device needs to be rooted before you can access this feature.
This is known as Undervolting.

Android has been on the winning side and I think even you reading this post owns an Android device, so you can try this tips and let us know what you think.

If also you have other cool features which you know, you can let us know using the comment box below.


  1. super cools things, am not aware this, but this undervolting, hope it will not affect the processing speeds of the smartphone.


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