If you are new to WordPress blogging platform, you must have come across this problem of comment spam, and you may simply be ¬†asking “How do I stop Comment Spam on my WordPress Blog?” .

In my early days of using wordpress, I got tons and tons of comments with spam links everyday. I remember once recording 700+ comments just in a single day and non was a real comment, but all were from internet spammers and marketers. I searched for ways to stop this, and discovered the simple steps I needed to take to stop comment spam in my wordpress blog. The solution is embeded in this three Plugins I would recommend to you below.

how to stop comment spam in wordpress

Best WordPress Plugins to stop comment spam

1. Akismet: From it’s popularity, and also it comes as a default installed Plugin after you install WordPress, I believe it is one of the most used WordPress Plugins. All you need do is activate the Plugin with its activation key which can be gotten after you register at their website. Visit their website Here. While registering, you are given options for paid and free services, select free if you have a small personal blog like mine, if commercial, then paid would suit your blogging spam needs.

2. Bad Behavior: This plugin is good at preventing spammers from posting their spams on the blogs, and also sometimes prevents spammers from visiting your blog. There are other PROS for using this Plugin, because it clears your logs which enables your blog’s loadtime to decrease and you blog loads faster.

3. AVH First Defense Against Spam: AVH First Defense Against Spam plugin is also good at preventing spam from your wordpress blog. It gives you the ability to block spammers before any content is served. This Plugin is supported by Project Honey Pot, which is a local blacklist. All visitors or spammers who try to post any comments are firstly checked. and this checking is done only after the content is served. if you wish, you could block spammers IP’s based.

These above mentioned wordpress plugins can help you in the fight against spam comments, and in the long run help you in build a spam free successful wordpress blog.

I hope this post was helpful, why not share this with your friends using our share buttons today. Remember, you can also let us know other plugins you use in fighting spam comments on your wordpress blog.



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