Communication is a series of elaborate multi-sensory sign languages; signs being the words , images, audio and videos that constitute the range of presentation vehicles that , like all forms of communication have their own grammar , context , and relevance as interpreted from personal experience by each member of your audience.

4 website structure tips for a successful online career

Business success depends on the ability to communicate effectively to an interested audience. Driving appropriate traffic to a website is important , but the tactics that generate visitors are not the same tactics that get visitors to stay on a website.

Websites that consistently Under Perform and do not meet business expectations generally suffer because they are not designed to hold viewers attention long enough to communicate a clear and concise marketing message.

What The Successful Websites Are Doing Right

A successful website is one that has a well designed and clear structure with navigational options which hold and keep visitors longer than expected. This enables the visitor to easily navigate around the website and find the right information. Naturally , the text must also be clear and relevant and contain the industry , company and product related words that the visitor may be searching for. Consequently, successful Websites exhibits the following features.

1. Web Content

The amount of information on the internet is constantly changing. It is therefore important that visitors to a website can quickly and easily find the information that they are seeking. If a website is hard to navigate, the visitor will not stay and will look elsewhere for what they are seeking. Make your content rich in quality and not quantity if you are to gain readership and successful online career.

2. Information Design

Visitors to a site prefer to read text in their own native languages. Numerous studies show this to clearly be the case even if more and more people speak and understand English. You can get your message across easier when the reader can read it in their own language.

Your online business or company benefits from a clear, well formulated, and well structured information that is well presented in a language that a visitor can understand and feel comfortable with.

3. User Friendliness And Accessibility

In a matter of seconds , Visitors to a website determine if they’ve found what they are looking for. If they don’t find the right information on your website they will keep looking elsewhere. It is important, therefore, that websites are both easy to use and navigate and that the information they contain is well structured. A clear and easy to use website results in interested visitors who stay longer and read more.

The website is a picture of how yo want to be seen. As an individual with specific talents , a corporate-looking website may not present the picture that will be comfortable for your prospective readers. On the other hand , an overly – friendly , folksy site can project an image that appears unprofessional. Also one thing to bear in mind is making your business website responsive as a lot people now access the internet using smartphones or tablets. You might want to check out these 4 Steps To Starting A Mobile Website From Scratch.

4. Graphic Design

Graphics are important because they are the first items that potential customers see. They need to be presented well and need to be balanced with the rest of the page. They need to represent what is important to you and your potential clients. Graphical content needs to be consistent with the message of the site. Good graphical content also makes your site credible.

However, content is king. Words are what will matter. Your message will need to convey the trust necessary for someone to consider your product or services.

Conclusively, Restructure Your Website And Build A Perfect Communication System With Your Customers if you ever want to succeed online!

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  1. well! i would say i agree with your points but i believe there is more that entails the success of a website, my experience being a UX designer has thought me that with the right call to action button, well optimized, minimalist and clean design your business will thrive online. great post

  2. Its great advice and I plan on trying to implement this into my small business. Thanks again. If you have any other advice that you could share, that would be great! With my personal experience I can say that social media has a large reach and easy way to reach your targeted audience.


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