A power bank is a brilliant way to keep your phone charged while you are not close to an outlet. There are options for portable batteries with 5,000mAh and 10,000mAh capacities, however, those with 20,000mAh will last you longer and will charge your devices several times. See the best options in our list of 5 Best 20000mah Power Banks In 2020:

1. RAVPower 20,000mAh Power Bank:

RAVPower 20,000mAh Power Bank
RAVPower 20,000mAh Power Bank

This is an affordable option that comes with separate USB-A and USB-C inputs. Its USB-C port works with fast 60W Power Delivery to get your phone recharged as fast as possible.

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Even if there are just 2 total ports on this power bank, it recharges at speeds of 30W for your phone to reach full capacity in just 3 hours. Sadly, the charging block is nowhere to be found.

2. Anker PowerCore Essential:

Best 20000mAh power banks

Anker has lots of 20,000mAh power banks, but one particular option that stands out is the PowerCore Essential. Its battery comes with a USB-A port for output, alongside a USB-C port for input and output.

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Thanks to supporting for Power Delivery, the USB-C port delivers about 18W output too. It definitely guarantees value for money.

3. Aukey 20,000mAh Power Bank:

Best 20000mAh power banks
Aukey 20,000mAh Power Bank

If you are searching for a 20,000mAh power bank that features a port selection, this is the one to go for.

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Its battery comes with 3 regular USB ports for output, a micro-USB port for input, a USB-C port for input and output, plus a Lightning cable for input.

4. Crave Plus Pro Portable Charger:

Amazon.com: PD Power Bank 50000mAh, Crave PowerPack Portable ...

Still on the topic of best 20000mAh power banks. This is a 3-port option that is blessed with Fast Charge IC 3.0. 2 ports are USB-A while the 3rd option is a USB-C port with Power Delivery for up to 45W of charging. The size of this power bank is close to that of an iPhone X, therefore it is very portable for users who are looking for something to move about with.

5. Mophie Powerstation XXL:

Mophie Powerstation XXL
Mophie Powerstation XXL

It possesses 2 regular USB ports and a USB-C port for input and output. Its port selection isn’t varied, however, the USB-C port can output at 15W.

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What makes it stand out is its material choice. Its fabric material is soft, but you will have to clean it once in a while. Paying money for it is good news for your smartphone.

More Information On Power Bank:

A battery charger, or recharger, is a device used to put energy into a secondary cell or rechargeable battery by forcing an electric current through it.

The charging protocol (how much voltage or current for how long, and what to do when charging is complete, for instance) depends on the size and type of the battery being charged.

Some battery types have high tolerance for overcharging (i.e., continued charging after the battery has been fully charged) and can be recharged by connection to a constant voltage source or a constant current source, depending on battery type.

Simple chargers of this type must be manually disconnected at the end of the charge cycle, and some battery types absolutely require, or may use a timer, to cut off charging current at some fixed time, approximately when charging is complete.

Other battery types cannot withstand over-charging, being damaged (reduced capacity, reduced lifetime), overheating, or even exploding.

The charger may have temperature or voltage sensing circuits and a microprocessor controller to safely adjust the charging current and voltage, determine the state of charge, and cut off at the end of charge.

A trickle charger provides a relatively small amount of current, only enough to counteract self-discharge of a battery that is idle for a long time.

Some battery types cannot tolerate trickle charging of any kind; attempts to do so may result in damage. Lithium-ion battery cells use a chemistry system that does not permit indefinite trickle charging.

There you have it – 5 of the best 20000mah power banks. If you have any personal favorite or other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.



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