Monitoring our dear dogs helps to keep our minds at ease on a daily basis. Ever wondered what your loyal pet does when you are out of the house? The activities it indulges in? or you just want to keep a log of your daily walkies? There are gadgets that can help with that. See a few of them in our list of 5 Best GPS Dog Trackers:



This is a brilliant device that is filled with features that will boost your peace of mind when your dog is not around you.

This gadget simply grants you access to precise updates of your pet’s location while tracking their movement and showing them to you as steps, distance, calories burned, active, and rest hours.

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Owners can even set activity goals for their dogs, with recommendations added according to the dog’s breed and weight.


TRACTIVE GPS TRACKER – Soi Dog Foundation U.K. CIO Merchandise

This one suits your canine or feline friend and it is blessed with various useful features. It is home to live tracking and location history, therefore you can track your dog’s most visited places.

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Also, this tracker creates a “virtual fence” so that you will receive an instant notification if your dog leaves the area. This is key if you own a dog that likes to escape.



This is the smallest GPS tracker across the globe and it is especially useful if your dog is quite small too. With zero distance limit, owners can easily follow their dogs from their smartphones, and there are over 100 nations covered.

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This tracker sends its position continuously every minute as the pet moves, and every five minutes if the dog is on one spot.

4. PETFON GPS TRACKER: PetFon Pet GPS Tracker, No Monthly Fee, Real-Time Tracking  Collar Device, APP Control For Dogs And Pets Activity Monitor(Only For  Dog): Electronics

Still on the topic of best GPS dog trackers. This smart tracker aids the combination of GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, and long-distance wireless technology to offer precise real-time position and unlike its rivals, there are no monthly subscription obligations here.

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It can track ranges up to 0.65 miles in dense space, or 3.5 miles in more open environments, and can even create geofencing around your dog’s safe area.


Best GPS Dog Trackers

The owners of this tracker say this it is more accurate than GPS by using Radio Frequency tech.

This means that you can locate your dog when it is hiding in your home, garden, or neighboring environments. Another advantage here is that it is very small and lightweight, making it simple to attach to your pet’s collar.

More Information On Dog Collar:

A dog collar is a piece of material put around the neck of a dog. A collar may be used for restraint, identification, fashion, or protection. Identification tags and medical information are often placed on dog collars.

Collars are often used in conjunction with a leash for restraining a dog. Collars can be traumatic to the trachea if the dog pulls against the restraint of the leash, causing severe pressure to the neck.

Use of a harness instead of a collar may be beneficial for dogs prone to tracheitis or those with a collapsed trachea. Conversely, dogs may easily slip out of collars that are too loose.

This can be avoided by using a martingale dog collar which tightens to distribute pressure around the neck or training the dog not to pull.

Several types of collars are used for the purposes of training dogs, though sometimes a collar is not used at all (such as in the case of dog agility training, where a collar could get caught on equipment and strangle the dog).

Each training collar has its own set of advantages and disadvantages (briefly outlined below) which trainers might consider before using a select one.

Training collars are typically used for training only and not left on the dog’s neck all the time, as some collars can be harmful or dangerous if left on a dog unsupervised.

There you have it – a comprehensive list of 5 of the best GPS dog trackers to buy. If you have any personal favorites or other recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.


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