The loading time of a blog or website has a great effect in SEO’s prospective and traffic. It is a sure fact that your blog visitors don’t like sites that are slow in loading their desired information, they tend to press back and move to another site to get the information. So its important you take serious action on your blog load time in other to reduce your blogs bounce rate and increase user engagements.

how to reduce your blog's load time

The load time of your blog plays an important role in major Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP) e.g Google, and also affect the earnings and reputation of your blog.

In other to prevent these, here are 5 surefire tips to reduce the load time of your blog:

1. Avoid Useless Javascript

Javascript is used by bloggers to add special features on their blogs, but they slow down a page’s loading speed. View your blog’s Template or Theme files, then remove irrelevant javascripts. Remove all unimportant javascripts on your blog is one step to reducing load speed.

2. Always Give Resolutions To Images On Posts

When updating your blog always give resolution i.e height and width to the images you want to use in your post. One thing i’ve noticed is that high resolution images slows down your visitors web browsers. Also the same thing applies to using images as a background for your blog.¬†To add resolution to images use img tag and format below.

<img alt=”” src=”URL OF IMAGE” width=”” height=”” />

3. Limit The Number Of Advertisements On Your Blog

Advertisement banners are usually coded with javascript. Like I said in my first tip, javascript slows down blogs, cutting down the number of ads on your blog will also help in your blog’s load time improvement.

4. Limit The Number Of post At Homepage

I recommend you have only 5 posts on your blog homepage because too much posts at the homepage will slow down your blogs loading time. Its also advisable to add Read More links and blog excerpts to summarize blog post at homepage in other to improve blog load time.

5. Reduce The Number Of Widgets And Social Media Buttons

Widgets and social media button are essential in any blog because they help in increasing traffic to your blog but too many social media buttons and unnecessary widgets can slow down your blog. Use the important social media button to share your posts while the unnecessary once should be removed.


How To Check Your Blog’s Load Time

Here is a tool to check your blog’s load time below. Visit the link and follow the instructions.

– Visit Pingdom Tools
– Click the above link and enter your blog address, then select Test Now.

Feel free to drop your own views or tip on how to reduce blog load time through comments.


  1. Exactly what i was about searching for before i saw the post on Fb,and i must say all points are well said,but currenttly am facing problem of slow web page as complained by a few friends,and taking careful look at your points,i cannot point out to any one which i think should be affecting my blog load time..please do me a favor by checking it yourself please

  2. I am confused about ” Reduce The Number Of Widgets And Social Media Buttons”..

    do this affect the site load time. I understand that JS, huge images in posts on front page and lots of posts may affect the site load time, but Widgets and Social media icons can affect them.. this is new to me…:P

  3. Hi ebimablog, I just check your site and its okay… Your webhost and plugins can contribute to your blog load time and also your browser , e.g your desktop version link aint working with ucweb but working with opera.


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