Earning some cool cash online has never been easier, talk more of students who would want to divide their attentions in making money and also studies (you might think). But there are numerous easy ways to earn money online as a student. Are you in your college or university? Do you want to earn some hard cash without even leaving the dorm room? If yes then we have something in store for you.

At the University, you spend 4 years and at the college, you spend 2 years. It means that you can break off at any moment. Then you have something practical to face like college fees, housing costs, food and textbooks.

how to make money online as a student

How can you manage all the resources? – You might also be having a student loan, isn’t it? For all these extra costs, you need to have some hard cash in your hand. It is not possible for the parents to provide the extra amenities at times.

To maintain your lifestyle at University or college and to have financial freedom why don’t you try to earn money online! Switch to an online job, for this you do not have to leave the dorm room neither has to spoil your study time. In fact, the computer can be the great partner and will readily fill your pocket.

Start the online job search in your own Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites by posting that you are looking for an online home-based job. The position is able to complement the current skill set and match the job aspirations. This way you can jump-start your future.


5 Ways to Make Money Online Today

 1. Selling Of Online Photographs
Are you having a Nikon or a Canon digital camera? Then you are already in business. Take the advantage of the artistic talents just by capturing the images and selling them as a stock photography in the online sites like Shutterstock.com, Fotolia.com, Corbis.com, BigStockPhoto.com and iStockphotos.com. You will make money every time the users download your stock photos. There are sites, which will allow you to retain a portion of your copyright.

2. Be an Online Freelance Writer
If you have a major in English or if you write well, then internet gives plenty of opportunity to publish your work online. This not only boosts your portfolio but it will help you to earn some cold cash. Sign up at the freelance blogs, which posts the recent freelance job listings. You can write a blog on the niche of your interest. If you are a science major, then you can choose the technical blogs, if you are nutrition major, go for the health blogs, the best thing about this online job is that you can do it from your dorm room.

3. Online Tutorship
If you excel in the subject that you are studying at the university, then you can help numerous other students out there, that too online. You can set the online tutoring services and charge a fee for each hour you spend in teaching the particular subject, one great thing about the online tutoring session is that, you just have to set a Skype chat to cater online tutoring services.

4. Online Games and Events Ticket Sell
Are you going to have a rival college basketball or football game this season? Is your university hosting a hot off-Broadway play? Many of the college mates do not get a chance to watch the match or the show of their choice. Many outside the college might be interested to join the event or watch the match, but they do not get the opportunity, as they are not your college students. Buy a couple of extra tickets of the hot college events and sell them online via platforms like – Craigslist, Facebook, Marketplace, Twitter etc.

5. Resume Writing Services
You might have heard of the CV writing services, this is now a great source to earn money online. You can set your own hours, so that it does not interfere with your college hours. You can set an example by writing your own review and write the resume of your fellow mates to help them search part time jobs and work-study programs. Charge fee per resume or charge by the hour.

Check out the cool ways and try to implement them to earn some hard cash beside your studies. It’s you time to be financially free!



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