If you are a Newbie in blogging, then this post is for you. I can sure tell that as a blogger you must have come across or heard of blogger. If not, then here is a brief explanation of what blogger is all about. Blogger is a free blogging platform which is owned by Google and gives you the opportunity to own and run a standard blog for free. It comes with lots of widgets and you are free to customize and make money from your blog. Here are a few reasons why you need to stick to blogger as a newbie.

why you must start with blogger platform

1. It is free to run : Blogger as I earlier explained is a free blogging platform that helps you host a standard blog for free and you do not need to pay any fees for hosting the blog. Your blog would be given a subdomain URL eg. http://myblog.blogspot.com.

2. You can use a custom domain : Despite blogger being a free blogging platform unlike others such as wordpress, you are given the option to use a custom URL for your free blog. You can register a domain name and point it to your blog. Follow this link to learn how to use a custom domain with blogger.

3. Make Money online for free : You are not charged with hosting fees, yet you have the opportunity to make money from your blog using services such as Adsense, Infolinks, Chitika, Kontera and lots more. Isn’t this great all for free.

4. No forced Ads : Google renders this blogging platform for free and yet unlike other free stuff online, they do not force ads to display on your blog. That means you are free to place ads on your own at will.

5. Free to customize : There are lots of free templates out there in which you can make use of to customize the look of your blog. If you do have a basic knowledge of XML and HTML, then it would be quite easier for you to customize and get the best designs that you never expected. You can check out some of the free blogger templates out here. Free Blogger Templates

You can now see the reasons why you do need to stick to blogger if you do not have the money to move to wordpress for now. Blogger has lots of function out there for you to explore. There are some stuff which I never included in the lists such as the lots of free Widgets which blogger offers in designing your blog. You really would enjoy using blogger. But if you’ve used blogger for quite a while now and have decided to move on to wordpress and you need a guide, follow this link to Learn how to move a blogger blog to WordPress without losing your traffic and search engine rankings.
I hope this post was helpful. If so, why not share this post with your friends right away. Tell us what other things you love about blogger using the comment box.


  1. This is wonderful. I have been checking out sites on online biz cos am a newbie but yours is the best. Every thing is so self explaind, pls would like to hear from you cos I need someone to explain some things to me.Thanks. pls would like to have even your fb account. I have been on your site the whole day, one thing leads to another a thereby widening my knoledge. Thanks

    • You are quite right Anneswan. Google owns your blog as long as you’re still on blogger. Moving to a self hosted platform is always the best if you can make a budget for it.


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