the benefits of commenting on other blogs

One of the aspects of link building mostly left out by many Bloggers is the ability to leave comments on other blogs. Such bloggers might consider themselves probloggers and dim it unimportant to leave comments off other blogs, but this method is definitely a cool and easy way to get noticed by other bloggers, and also to build one way backlink to your blog.


There are some terrible things which can discourage someone from making comments on a blog such as terrible Captchas and so on, but overcoming such odds would really be great for your blog’s health. Well, here in this post, i’ll outline five (5) reasons why you need to leave comments on other blogs, and how necessary it is for your blogging career.

5 Reasons Why You Must Comment On Other Blogs

#1. Traffic Building
Leaving a reasonable comment on other peoples blog can be a great source of traffic. Let’s say you visit a top blog in your niche, then decided to give answer to another commenters question, this would definitely grab the attention of the commenter and other readers to your link, and who knows, they can be converted into your faithful blog subscribers and readers.

#2. Building of Backlinks
Commenting on other blogs helps in building backlinks. For instance making comments on dofollow blogs and comluv enabled blogs would help not only in your backlink building, but also in your pagerank and search engine rankings.

#3. Opens You To Opportunity
Regular Engagement on other blogs by commenting can leave you open to real blogging opportunities, you might not know who has been following your useful comments on other blogs and finally decided to make a sponsored review or post of their product on your blog and this would earn you some quick money blogging. You would also be open to other bloggers who would find it compelling to make guest posts on your blog. There are several opportunities out there to this.

#4. It Promotes Your Profile
Leaving reasonable comments on other blogs, can help get your profile noticed by other bloggers, this is a great way of also promoting your blog/business.

#5. Compliment A Good Work
You found a mind blowing post on other people’s blog, why not give it that 1 minute to compliment the persons work by laying a comment on that post. Remember the Golden Rule, do to others what you would have done to you. It works like that, commenting on other persons blog would also attract people to comment on your blog.

Now you see the various reasons why you need to leave a comment on any blog post you come across? Why not start by leaving a comment on this article now, it will go a long way in promoting your blog.


  1. i always try as much as possible to leave reasonable comments on blog that i find interesting,and i must say as far as i know it was what gave my blog its present page rank.

    To the first commenter,dont just leave comment on blog for the sake of commenting,leave reasonable coments.i find quite lot of people leaving comments like “nice post” ,”right on point”,but i dont hesitate to delete them

  2. Leaving comments is a way to interact with other people and share ideas . The world has become smaller with the Internet and it is wise to take advantage of its reach.

  3. You’ve really opened my eyes to some things I always took for granted with this post. Really appreciate, keep up the good work.


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