50 apps for usb drive on pc
For the Tech Savvy persoons like me who can’t do without their PC’s and softwares, here is a list of portable PC and MAC softwares you can carry around in your USB Drive. They are quite handy and useful softwares. I made this post with a link to each of their downloads.


  • 1.    Foxit PDF Reader – A portable PDF reader that can be carried along on USB.
  • 2.    Pidgin – For multi-network chat pidgin is the best option. You may also add the encryption plugin to keep it secure.
  • 3.    uTorrent – One of the best peer-to-peer download client.
  • 4.    CCleaner – A nice registry cleaner.
  • 5.    Revo Uninstaller – An alternative way yo uninstall programs. It is much better than ‘add/remove programs’.
  • 6.    Faststone Capture – Used to take screenshots on your PC.
  • 7.    VDownloader – You can use this software to save videos in any format or even as an mp3.
  • 8.    Irfanview – For image viewing and basic edits (crop, rotate, resize, etc.)
  • 9.    VLC – Videolan supports almost all formats and doesn’t require 3rd party codecs.
  • 10.  Abiword – Has all the features for document production. The portable version is here.
  • 11.  PStart – It provides a quick access to the tools on your flash drive by adding an icon/menu in the system tray.
  • 12.  Keepass – A password manager, which helps you to manage your passwords in a secure way.
  • 13.  Skype – Helps in making cheap phone calls apart from regular chat and video chat.
  • 14.  TrueCrypt –  It encrypts your USB drive to protect your information.
  • 15.  FileZilla – An FTP client.  Very useful for webmasters.
  • 16.  Notepad++ – A wonderful and nice Editor. For me, its the best.
  • 17.  GIMP – A very wonderful image Editor.
  • 18.  7-Zip Portable – No need to install winrar or winzip. This tool handles zip, gzip, tar, rar etc
  • 19.  Allway Sync – It syncs files between your thumb drive and PC
  • 20.  TightVNC – Based on the popular VNC remote control software, this version can live on a thumb drive
  • 21.  Restoration – Used to recover accidentally deleted files even after they were deleted from the recycle bin
  • 22.  Infra Recorder Portable – It is one of the CD and DVD burning software.
  • 23.  RockXP – It allows you to recover windows passwords or keys, change keys, display system password, and more.
  • 24.  PuTTY 0.57 – A Telnet and SSH client, along with an xterm terminal emulator
  • 25.  SendMailSend email (and even attach a file) using any SMTP server
  • 26.  KillAd v0.11 Ad blocker. Works with IE, Netscape, and Opera.
  • 27.  Fatbits Screen magnifier. Very useful during presentations.
  • 28.  Resize 2.6 – It resizes the images in batches by percentage, height, width, or maximum dimension while maintaining aspect ratio.
  • 29.  HJSplit It is a Multi-platform file splitter. If you are unable to send large file then with HJSplit you can split the files into smaller size.
  • 30.  Folder2ISO – It allows you to create an ISO image of any directory, folder, or file. Later, you can then burn the ISO image back to a disk using a CD/DVD Burner and ISO compatible recording software.
  • 31.  BurnCDCCIt is a CD/DVD .ISO burning/recording tool using which you can create a CD or DVD from an ISO file.
  • 32.  ImgBurnImgBurn is a powerful CD, DVD, HD DVD, Blu-Ray recording utility. It reads a disk to an img file, write files from your computer directly to a disk, and even create img files from data on your computer.
  • 33.  Audacity – Great audio editor and recorder.
  • 34.  SG TCP Optimizer – It tunes and optimize your Internet connection by tweaking TCP/IP parameters in the Windows Registry. Installation is not required, just run it and optimize
  • 35.  Qm – It is an extremely small e-mail client. Qm can be added to your Send To menu for use with Internet Explorer.
  • 36.  McAfee AVERT Stinger – It is a free portable Virus Removal and Cleaning Tool that can easily be run from a portable USB device. Alternatively, you can use avast! Virus Cleaner.
  • 37.  Ms Word Excel CrackerTo recover lost or forgotten passwords for protected MS Office files like .xls or .doc.
  • 38.  Asterisk Logger v1.04It reveal or recover lost password behind asterisks (***)
  • 39.  ConvertIt is a unit conversion tool that can convert some of the most common units of measurement including distance, density, energy, temperature, time, speed, volume, mass, power, pressure and much more.
  • 40.  Country Codes – A small database of country codes and additional information for all countries. Very handy when you do not have internet connection and want to figure out country code to send parcel.
  • 41.  StartUpLiteIt is a System Startup Entry Manager with which you can disable or remove any known system startup entries from a computer.
  • 42.  MirandaIt is an alternative to Pidgin and supports AIM, ICQ, IRC, MSN and Jabber. Miranda allows you to include other popular instant messaging protocols like Gadu-Gadu, Netsend, Skype, Yahoo and more using plugins.
  • 43.  Lingoes Portable Dictionary – This is portable dictionary. Just unzip it into USB Flash Drive and run it anywhere like cybercafe, school, library etc.
  • 44.  TrayURL – Your portable bookmark manager.
  • 45.  VirtualDubVirtualDub Portable is a powerfuldesktop video processing and capture application.
  • 46.  iKill – The most common source for spreading virus across computer is none other than USB drive or pen drive. Using iKill you can easily prevent your computer from deadly viruses or Trojan virus easily. Visit here for installation Steps.
  • 47.  On-Screen KeyboardIf you are working on a PC with a broken keyboard then do not worry. Until the keyboard is repaired you can use On-Screen Keyboard.
  • 48.  Portable Video Games – If you want to take break from hectic schedule then you can enjoy playing some of the games. Always carry Deluxe PacMan, Mega Mario, Warsow and Tetris.
  • 49.  Tiny USB Office – It is an excellent software suite for your USB thumb drive which includes lot of useful tools and can be installed at under 2.5 MB.
  • 50.  FSuite – If you are a Mac user, then go for this. It consists of over 30 useful tools (Office, Graphic, Audio, Video, Internet, Developer Tools and Games).


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