Are you one of those in a Paypal blacklisted country and you are wondering how you could manage a Paypal account without falling into a ban from them? Well, worry less because I will guide you through my 6 wonder working strategies that would help keep your Paypal account safe from ban and been limited in a blacklisted country such as Nigeria, Pakistan, and more.

manage a paypal account from blacklisted unsupported countries

It is no new story that Paypal is of a great importance to every online business Man/Woman today who wishes to do real business and hurdling this service from some countries can really be a thorn in ones flesh, as I said earlier, here is how to manage your paypal account and as well stay safe from their ban.

6 Ways To Staying Safe With Paypal From Banned Countries

1. Never Use Your Paypal For These

As much as I know that you now have a Paypal account from a blacklisted country and would love to get involved in every business, it is of great risk exposure to use your paypal account on any of the below mentioned forms of online deals

  • Multilevel marketing
  • Gambling
  • Pornography
  • Funding your account with name registrar, and hosting companies.
  • Forex brokers.

Stuffs like this might get you involved in providing documents that would definitely kick you parts with your paypal account if you do not provide them.

2. Never Use Different Proxy Server

It’s quite obvious that you running a Paypal account from a blacklisted country is made possible by the use of proxy servers or VPN softwares, though the later is preferable. When you are about to log in your Paypal account, it is greatly advised that you continue making use of that same IP. Changing your IP can conflict with the previous you used and raise eyebrows on your Paypal account that would definitely lead to a ban.

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3. Keep Your Cookies Cleared

An essential aspect of running your paypal account is to always clear your cookies after or before trying to log in your paypal. It is quite a wonderful practice that would keep your paypal safe from their prying eyes.
BTW you might ask, what cookies are.
Cookies are small programmable trackers which stores your information when you visit a site and such information can easily be used by PayPal powerful tracking software to detect your IP and if they discover you are from an unsupported country, then your account will be limited or banned. So you see why its important to clear cookies?

4. 2 Paypal Accounts? Never Use Same IP

If you have more than one paypal account and you want to access them from the same PC, never try to use the same IP for both of them. It is advisable that you use a different server with your second Paypal account using your masking tool (VPN). This can also cause problems if not totally avoided.

5. Slow Down Frequent Login

When it comes to using my paypal account, frequent login is something I really frown at. Try to keep the rate at which you log in to paypal at a minimum. Trust me, it sure works for me because it reduces your risk exposure and thus the possibility of you been limited from your paypal account.

6. Keep Your Verification Details Secured

Don’t tell me you can really remember the fake address/phone contacts you used in opening your verified Paypal account from your country. 🙂 . That’s simply because you don’t reside in that country, keeping the details secured is the best way to stay safe because Paypal might come up to ask you such questions in future and if your answer conflict with the one you earlier used for registration and verification, get ready to kiss your Paypal and the fund in it goodbye. You might love to save the details in a draft message in your mail just as I did with mine.

Now it’s over to you. With these tips, you would surely stay out of Paypal’s trouble and secure your account while running it from any unsupported country.

Feel free to add your views and strategies in form of comments. Stay safe.


  1. Useful tutorial. This will be of great help to me when i get my paypal account verified. I need to ask one question, is it possible to access paypal with your phone on paypal restricted countries without being banned.

      • How do you treat the case of country because if you want to make payment Nigeria is not displayed among the paypal country on the country’s column. somebody suggested that i should choose south Africa.

        What is your opinion?

  2. Mr Frank, you’re just on point.
    I have been managing my PayPal account securely here in Nigeria.

    “we constitute the internet, we can as break it” is a fact PayPal and other monopolized payment processors who has decided to exclude ‘us’ from their list. to hell with them all.

  3. One interesting thing here is cookies, without clearing cookies, you would be caught within days, and thank God you did not mention your paypal id.

  4. I am also from a country where paypal service is not available and many of my friends registered and verified it from another country but used it from here which make banned their account with money. For this reason I never worked for to make it verified from another country.

  5. Managing Paypal Account from banned/blacklisted countries is quiet easy if you can follow what oscar explain above. NEVER USE A PROXY to login into your account. The best way to access your PP is using VPN and there are a lot of free vpn like yourfreedom and others, also you can buy them for cheap.
    PP is one of the needed thing for bloggers, and if they don’t accept your country, you will have to find a way to accept them 😀

  6. Thanks Oscar for your effort to help people. But please can you mention some place where we can get best VPN softwares.. And when one verify his Paypal with Payoneer U.S bank account can he be able to withdraw with His card at ATM thanks bro…….

    • Hi Sameer,
      There are lots of VPN softwares, but I’m stuck to Your-Freedom. Talking about withdrawing with the Payoneer MasterCard, that’s possible when you transfer the fund from the Paypal to your U.S Bank account.

  7. I’m in Ghana and I want to create a PayPal account but Ghana is blacklisted how can I go about it to get new PayPal account


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