I’ve been in the blogging industry for some-while now, and I can for sure tell you that I’ve garnered a whole lot of experience from trials and errors over the years and that has brought me an enviable height of success.

top blogging tips for all bloggers

I’m not trying to brag or make boast, but I would be using this post to share the top 7 articles you need to read if you wish to succeed online in terms of making your blog an authority and to stand out in your niche of concentration.

7 Top Notch Articles Shouldn’t Miss As A Blogger

Below are the top 7 blog posts you must read to succeed in 2014

1. 6 Reasons Why Most Bloggers Fail

Are you still wondering why your blog has turned out to become a failure story? In this article, the exact secrets the gurus follow in order to achieve a successful would be revealed to you. You do not have to miss this article. Read here Now!

2. Why You Must Invest Money Into Your Blog

If you wish to succeed online as a blogger, then you have to consider and treat your blog like a full time offline business. There are various things you need to invest in order to surpass your competitors and stay ahead of the game. This article explains all these in details. Check it Out.

3. Tips To Writing Compelling Headlines That Grab Attention

One thing that determines if a visitor is to click through and read your blog post is the nature of traffic you are able to write. This article is a perfect guide for all those who wish to learn how to write compelling and converting headline titles. You definitely need to READ THIS.

4. 5 Strategies To Overcoming Bloggers-Writers Block

Every bloggers comes to a point when they run out of ideas not knowing what to write, this post would guide you through overcoming a bloggers block and how to come up with splendid and amazing post ideas in such a situation.

Start Overcoming the Writers Block Now!

5. 6 Reasons Why You Do Not Get Comments On Your Blog

Are you still in awe about how top bloggers are able to sustain a community around their blogs and get hundreds of comments on their articles? The strategies are quite simple and you can find them out if you read THIS ARTICLE.

6. The Anatomy Of A Perfect Guest Post

Guest posting is a major way to get targeted and dedicated traffic in the long run. This article explains all you need to know about a guest post and writing that perfect guest article that converts clients. Feel free to READ it.

7. 5 Tips To Make Your Blog Stand Out Of The Crowd

Have you read and applied the above mentioned tips? This last tip would guide you through moving your blog from the crowd and standing out as an authority to represent your Niche. Read How To Make Your Blog Stand Out Of The Crowd Here.

I hope you love the list. Please do us a favor by sharing this article in your circle. Cheers and See You At The Top.


  1. To make a successful blog regular post, regular guest posting, regular link building is necessary. there’s no alternative of it.

  2. Hello Oscar,
    Thanks for bringing top notch articles here. Really taking back to your valuable article would surely give me more knowledge on this. Thanks Its time to check all posts.

  3. Hello Oscar,

    The resources you’ve aggregated here are sure the ‘golden Guild’ of blogging. Having been around for some time too, I can tell you that you’ve really done a great job!

    Your first suggestion deals with the failures of bloggers when they’re doing something fundamentally wrong. Bloggers, like everyone else, make mistakes, these mistakes, when corrected, can yield an amazing level of success that is difficult to rival.

    The second point is simply great; your blog is a business – so why don’t you invest in it like you’d invest in any other business?

    I can go on and on analyzing all the articles…it is my firm belief that bloggers (especially newbies), would sincerely benefit for this great job of yours!


  4. Those people who are engaged in blogging always look for tips to get more traffic as well as top ranking in search engines. The 7 articles which are recommended by you for successfully boosting blog in 2014 are containing upon important tips and the thing which I conclude is that content is the king. If you have unique, original and interesting contents then people will definitely like your posts and keep visiting your website. Good to see the collection of great articles here 🙂

  5. Hello Oscar,
    Thanks for all your advice on how to be a good blogger,especially how to build a spectacular blog out of the sea of Million and how to get traffic to a new blog.I am new to blogging and i will put all that i have learn into practice.

    • Hi Chima,
      I’m glad you love the post, these tips would surely prove great if you follow them diligently with hardwork. Thanks for coming by and wish you a successful blogging career.


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