Access bank is living up to their name by providing its customers with a better banking access/experience.
Access bank mobile money is a service that allows Access bank customers to make bank transactions conveniently, without having to stay in long Que’s for basic bank transactions.

Access bank

In this article, I am going to be giving a tutorial on how to use Access Bank Mobile money service to transfer money and check your account balance. I will also be discussing the benefits of using the Access Bank mobile money service.

Benefits Of Access Bank Mobile Money Transfer

Carrying out your bank transactions with access bank mobile money, you are given a stress-free process. You do not need to go to the bank for anything, everything is done on your mobile phone, using a special USSD code.

The Access bank mobile money service will allow you to transfer money, check account balance, pay bills and do a lot more directly from your mobile phone. No access fee is charged, you don’t need data for the process to work.

Because this service involves the dissemination if your hard earned money, the Access bank mobile money service allows customers to set up a 4 digit authentication PIN to secure transactions.

How To Transfer Money Using Access Bank USSD Transfer Code

Using the Access bank transfer code is a very simple thing, the whole process is very simple. It features basic steps that aren’t difficult to learn or understand.
In order for you to use the Access bank USSD transfer code, you must have successfully created a 4 Digit PIN.

How To Create Access Bank Mobile Money PIN

First off, you need to create you Access Bank Mobile Money PIN for you to be able to make any mobile transfers. Below is how to go about that.

  • Dial *901# and follow the options available.

How To Transfer Money From Access bank To Access Bank Accounts

To transfer money from Access Bank to another Access Bank account holder, simply dial in the pattern shown below.

  • Dial *901#1*amount number#

How To Transfer Money From Access bank To Other Bank Accounts

Here’s how you can transfer money from Access Bank to another Bank using the Access Bank Mobile Money Transfer Code.

  • Dial *901*2*amount*account number#

Note: Making mobile money transfers from Access bank to Access banks, you will charged a fee of 20 Naira, while transferring money from Access bank to other banks will attract a fee of 50 Naira + 2.50 VAT.

How To check your Access account balance, using Access USSD

Do you wish to check your account balance on your Access Bank account, dial the USSD below.

  • Dial *901*5#

There you have it, the complete guide to making mobile money transfer as well as checking account balance details from your mobile phone using the Access bank mobile money transfer code.

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